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Caroling cider 🍎💚 - christmas edition slime that smells just like the name!!! i'm so in love with the texture as well! inspired by a christmas drink that i had in elementary school! it was hot apple cider with red cinnamon hots :) we drank it while caroling door to door! will be in my restock today at 6 pm cst! - [tags] #slime #asmr #asmrslime #slimeasmr #satisfying #satisfyingvideos #softserveslime #fishbowlslime #relax #anxiety #calming #scentedslime #buyslime #asmrslimenotice #crunchyslime #slimeart #slimefood #talisatossell @talisatosselltemporary #creativeslime #noticemecrunchsenpai #crunchslimesnotice #oddlysatisfying #paintmixing #slimetutorial #slimeamerica #slimethailand #relaxing #thecrunchyrepost #butterslime #iceeslime

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Therapy isn’t laying down and crying about your problems to a stranger to be magically healed. i hope anyone considering therapy/counseling understands that. it’s not a quick fix and it’s not being weak. it took me almost 3 years to be comfortable enough to stop going & i am really considering going back #meme #notreally #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #therapy #starterpack

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Candy cane crunch ❤️☁️ comes with a cute charm!!half floam, the red beads bled a little bit so the base is light pink 😍 — restock with holiday edition slimes is thursday night (8 pm cst)! early black friday shopping 😆there will be coupon codes and i will have around 50-100 free slimes that i will randomly be giving in orders! — favorite food to eat during thanksgiving?🦃

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Slime pressing 🔮 currently preparing for some holiday slimes for december!! so excited :-) — comment an emoji you’ve never used before 🏢🖇

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I was honored to be a guest on my favorite podcast this week! the creative pep talk w @andyjpizza (link to listen in his bio!) _ i spoke about breaking through creative (and personal) anxiety. _ a lot of people wonder why it takes me so long to release music. it’s anxiety. i think, and over think, second guess my creative decisions and end up with hundreds of unfinished songs. i often feel like if i don’t release something mind blowing, why release it at all? it stems from people pleasing and fear of disappointment. but i’m working through it every day. _ if you are a creative you have to check out the creative pep talk podcast. it’s incredible and has been so helpful for me! check out this episode by clicking on the link in @andyjpizza bio or by subscribing to the podcast! it’s about an hour, so enjoy it on your ride home from work or on a good gym session 🕺🏻⛹🏻 _ artwork by @andyjpizza #creativepeptalk #andymineo #andyjpizza #creative #creatives #podcast #inspiration #motivation #illustration #anxiety #anxietyhelp

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Burger 🍔 or pizza 🍕? follow me (@un.saidtruths) for more ❤

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I love this which color do you like more, red or white? $$$ i have two ideas for a peppermint slime- a peppermint floam or a peppermint butter :) i'm so excited. sorry for the later lost, my sister and i were out the whole day

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Coucou mes choux 🍵, vous allez bien ?moi, ça va ,avec ma mère suite à une crise de mia ,on a décidé que je fasse une pause avec les cours.ils me stressait tellement que je me restreignais et hop...j'ai honte ,mais ça fait partie de la maladie aussi.mais fini la restriction je dois me battre à 200%! (en plus je le suis pesée ce matin et 📉,bref la cata, mais on va s'en sortir et essayer de vivre.on va voir avec ma mère pour me scolarisée au cned ,cette année le temps de m'en sortir et l'année prochaine on verra 😀. passez une bonne journée ^°^ . #fuckana #anxiety

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Good morning all. isn't it a good thing to be alive today? no? don't worry too much about it. we'll get there. remember... baby steps! and to everyone who hasn't heard this in a while (including me)... you are loved. don't you ever forget that. let's try and make today beautiful. think only happy thoughts yeah? ☺ that's great! because i've kind of started it on the wrong foot already. #bipolardisorder #depression #depressionsucks #ocpdpatient #anxietydisorder #anxiety #journeybacktohappiness

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Throw out those synthetic candles for an all natural alternative like holiday joy. the warm, sweet aroma of holiday joy creates a welcoming environment for holiday gatherings and can be diffused every day to purify the air and uplift the spirit. this proprietary blend combines wild orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove with the fresh and airy scent of siberian and douglas fir, creating an essential oil blend that’s a dōterra christmas tradition. diffusing holiday joythroughout your home will uplift the soul and warm the spirit as it fills each room with the joyful scent of christmas. 🎄add one to two drops to a homemade potpourri for the holiday season. _ traditionally, native americans have used every part of the arborvitae tree for a variety of purposes. they built homes and canoes from the wood, made baskets from the roots, and crafted clothes, rope, and twine from the bark. they also used leaves in teas and salves for certain health benefits. the unique components found in arborvitae essential oil give it its profound therapeutic benefits. high in tropolone content, arborvitae essential oil contains strong cleansing properties that protect the immune system and support normal cell activity in the body. the essential oil also makes an excellent insect repellant and natural wood preservative. arborvitae’s warm, woody, earthy aroma calms nerves and balances emotions. how to use: • diffuse a couple drops alone or with other essential oils of choice to purify air. • apply 1–2 drops to affected area on the skin. • mix with water in a spray bottle to clean surfaces. • add to wood furniture and floor polish. key benefits: • soothes the body and emotions • cleanses and purifies the air • soothes the skin • acts as a natural bug repellant

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Haven't been very active and i'm sorry for that. these last few weeks have been really shitty. but the fight goes on 👊 #sweden #cold #winteriscoming #anxiety #depression

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November 23rd, 2017: 8 of swords this message is for anyone who reads this post 🔮✨ are you choosing not to see a truth? it is time to face the music. you may be caught up in an illusion regarding a significant relationship in your life. for some of you, i feel that you have met someone new recently. for others, you are already in an established, long-term relationship. i'm picking up a sense of anxiety on your part, as when i was doing this reading, i felt particularly anxious, jumpy and on edge. i'm also hearing, 'stormy'. you may feel emotionally unbalanced. if you can resonate with these messages so far, i feel that you're involved in a third party situation, as i'm picking up the presence of another person. the person that you're involved with is weighing up their options - whether they should move forward with a new opportunity, or remain in a established partnership. i can see them going back and forth with this choice in their minds. i feel that you are aware of this occurrence on some level, and that you're trying to block out your pain. you may be unsure as to what to do, and want to remain in your fantasy for as long as possible, too. maybe you don't want to start over romantically. or, maybe you don't want to admit the truth of the matter to yourself, because then you would have to deal with the reality. if you can relate to these messages, there is a need to see this situation for what it is and to be strong. i sense that there is a better path waiting for you, but you need to have faith. this person isn't for your highest good. don't do yourself a disservice, and remain in a situation that is hurtful and emotionally unfulfilling - you deserve better. additionally, i feel that there is someone close around you, who is also urging you to see the truth - for some of you, they may be an aquarius, gemini or libra. if you continue to remain stuck, i feel that you will bring yourself more pain. alternatively, if you choose to remove your metaphorical blindfold, accept things as they are, and move forward, then you are one step closer to finding the right relationship. remember, only you have the power to release yourself from this painful episode.

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Well as it’s #humpday i should probably post a stereotypical humpday 📸 snap, because that’s what you do if you’re into fitness 💅🏻 (this is sarcasm but i do have a point). ⠀ ⠀ i’m bored of stereotypes within the fitness industry on instagram and i guess instagram in general. i’m really bored of seeing the extra pressure it puts on people (including myself) and seeing it take the enjoyment out of instagram. and most importantly, i really hate seeing people delete pictures with important captions just because it didn’t get a wide enough reach, just because it wasn’t what was popular that day. ⠀ ⠀ if you want to post a picture of your bum on a wednesday then great 👍🏻 i’m all for you showing what you’ve worked h*****n (i’ve mentioned this in one of my previous posts) (i’m doing it right now) but if you don’t, don’t worry - because maybe it won’t be as popular (most probably will but roll with it - i have a point 🙋🏻‍♀️) but please do remember... followers and likes do not define you. and reach should not compromise your own journey and what you wish to post and share! this is your account. ⠀ ⠀ p.s i want to state i’m not discouraging anyone who follows trends on instagram, i’m just saying don’t let it determine what you do and don’t post about, if you have something in mind. it’s just a small example of a pressure i’ve identified since starting my account and something i really want to address on my feed 🌈⠀ ⠀ and on that note, i’m going to take my ranting self to work 🤦🏻‍♀️ #workingitout happy wednesday - we are nearly there! ✨ #humpday #wednesdaywisdom #realtalk #midweekmotivation #motivation #inspiration

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Goodnight :/ ♡ ♡ ♡ #anime#memes#memer#cringe#dankmemes#dank#drugs#emo#roblox#lgbt#gay#single#taken#goth#lgbtcommunity#exposed#triggered#shook#meme#lit#gaming#withtheboys#squad#depression#anxiety#selfie#food#joke#comedy

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Goodmorning guys☀️ it's -2 degrees here and it's fkn raining and i'm soooooooo fkn cold. but that's kinda good cuz then i'll burn more kcals😅 #skinny#skinnygirl#thin#thinspo#ana#proana#anorexia#bulimia#eatingdisorder#depression#anxiety#mentaldisorder#mentalhealth

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If anyone seen me how i see myself it’d be f*****g havoc 😅🤗 #havoc #anxiety #inmyeyes

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Really struggling with these at the moment. taking extra magnesium to try to help me sleep but i may just resort to buying a bottle of gin #anxiety #notfun

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Chitter chatter in the brain temporarily insane brainstorming pouring rain memories blocking the drain flooded minds overflowing overflown overgrown over it sick and tired of the same s**t i just want ... ; #anxiety #snippet #me #tbc

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♡ ♡ ♡ #anime#memes#memer#cringe#dankmemes#dank#drugs#emo#roblox#lgbt#gay#single#taken#goth#lgbtcommunity#exposed#triggered#shook#meme#lit#gaming#withtheboys#squad#depression#anxiety#selfie#food#joke#comedy

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