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Last song you listened to?

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Candy land🍬🍭🍬
from a trade i did with @crybunnieslimes 💕
this slime was so clear omg i have never seen a slime so clear
what’s your favorite type of candy? mine’s sour >.<

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Christopher wool, and if you, 1992 (enamel on aluminum). exhibition: five years at nahmad contemporary @nahmadcontemporary through june 9, 2018.
“i think of myself primarily as an abstract painter, but i find that in making paintings there is a little bit of investigation into what abstract painting can be.” - christopher wool.

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Happy monday! get out of each day whatever you can, whether that be laughter, healing or awareness, and as a lot of my friends would say “you do you!”.
✏️ josieeadie.com/shop “we waste so many days waiting for the weekend. so many nights wanting morning. our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life.” - joshua glenn clark

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It’s definitely not always that easy. but it’s been getting easier. #art #anxiety #mentalhealth #demons #comic #comics #digitalart #2d #photoshop #devonbragg #artist #artistsoninstagram #anxiousartists

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Saw deadpool 2 tonight. ah-mazing!! laugh out loud funny! it felt good to laugh out loud. and now i feel like watching flashdance. #candiansdoitbetter #laughteristhebestmedicine #fuckdepression #depression #bipolar #bipolardisorder #bipolardepression #anxiety #anxietyattacks #anxietyanddepression #braindisorder #repost @deadpoolmovie with @get_repost
it’s showtime. may 18. #deadpool #repost @vancityreynolds . . .
take your passion. and make it happen. #deadpool

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Can’t fall asleep
too much on my mind
counting sheep
cant get me to unwind

my heart is racing
tears are flowing
my hands are shaking
the fear ongoing

too many nights
go by like in this way
this won’t suffice
i can’t stand another day

i’m losing sleep
over unknown fears
through the night i weep
i can’t stop the tears #sadpoems #itwillgetbetter #anxiety #bymepoetryamerica

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Bed time!!! no filter, f*****g exhausted! here’s to you for a peaceful night, to rest and rejuvenate! 🙏🏼🖤🌙 #nofilter —————————————————————————————————————————————————————----------------------------------------------------------- #rawvegan #vegan #anxietyhelp #vegansofig #nurse #vegangirl #veganlife #ptsd #depression #plantbased #fruit #garden #depression #anxiety #mentalhealth #nursingschool #veganfortheanimals #thankful #grateful #sobriety #selflove #gratitude #meditation #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #reiki #nursingstudent #buddha #positivevibes #love

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Ns: more than pictured..but fruit bowl by mom bc i’m really nauseous so she measured out what was enough for me (dinner was also way more than normal) and tomor i’ll have bigger food🍉


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Some #dogs have separation #anxiety or pain issues. have canibits treats helped your dog with any issues? tell us in the comments below.

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Not for anything or from anyone. sometimes you just need a pick me up because you’re utterly exhausted from constantly battling your own g*****n insecurities.
#tulips #purple #flowers #pretty #pickmeup #getouttamyhead #anxiety #ugh #lame

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Master your mind or let it master you! the mind is our most powerful tool yet we aren’t taught how to have great mind health. practicing mindfulness, meditation and other cognitive skills can make a world of difference when it comes to dealing with mental challenges such as worry, anxiety, and negative thoughts. my signature 4-week mindfulness group course was created to help people learn and experience the power of mindfulness. 🗓 starting july 14th in richmond. bookings now open, head to www.selfsetfreeliving.com or message me for more info. steph x 😀

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Personally and honestly speaking, it was a tough weekend—- i don’t know why. i’m thankful for this dude who keeps reminding me that everything is ok and we can conquer anything together. #toddlersofinstagram #photograph #momlife #parenthood #parenting #sensoryprocessingdisorder #cameramama #momandson #doughnuts #cameramama #depression #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness

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Let me tell you about anxiety and what it looks like for me. it looks like wanting to go out and do stuff with people i love, but not being able to leave my room because of an overwhelming sense of impending doom. it looks like all my fears, doubts and insecurities that i know aren’t facts screaming in my head that they are. it looks like me staying up all night for days at a time questioning everything, every friendship, relationship, person or idea that i have in my life. it looks like wanting to explode out of my skin because i can’t take the vibrating and the electrical shocks that i know aren’t there, but i feel them anyway...but then being too scared to move because i don’t want to hurt myself or someone else. it’s seeing everything through a haze and only hearing the hum in everyones voice when i’m out in public for too long and then feeling like i’m gonna pass out. it looks like me swallowing all of this and smiling through it because of ridiculous societal standards. it looks like me smiling through it and making awkward conversations with dark humor because i love my friends, even when i want to be alone. it looks like me saying, “i’m fine”. #anxiety

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Name: kelsey scott
age: 19 (will vary depending on rp)
dob: april 3rd
gender: female
sexuality: bisexual
occupation: fashion designer
personality: kelsey is a very kind but shy person. she will most likely not approach someone unless they come to her first. but hay will change if someone needs her help or she knows them. she is easy to like and become friends with and once you become her friend she is a very fun, outgoing and amazing person. she could talk for hours upon hours about anything and never shut up. she’s willing to help anyone with almost anything and will always do her best. if someone tells her she can’t do something she will prove them wrong just for the hell of it. she’s stubborn and headstrong and usually doesn’t think much before she speaks. once she gets going with something it’s hard to stop her or slow her down. she’s extremely creative and always has ideas flowing through her mind.
backstory: kelsey grew up with a rather kind family in rural pennsylvania, but has always had the troubles of anxiety. it is a huge part of her life that influences a lot of the things she does or does not do. really no one in her life could help her and school and family only made it worse. her parents and siblings yelled at her for things she couldn’t do because of her anxiety, telling her she was overreacting and she needed to get a grip. it impacted her life in such a negative way and she still has a very hard time with it. she has one very close friend on the other hand who she always talks to and helps her. they became very close and still are to this day. her younger brother and sister didn’t help much at all when yelling at her and forcing her to do things she didn’t want to do. this would lead into an anxiety attack which became worse when people yelled. on the other hand she always had a knack for fashion and drawing. she started drawing and designing fashion and soon became very good with how much time she spent on it. it became her escape and she went to college for it. she is never seen without a sketchbook and her pencils with her messenger bag.
extra: she’s very good with children but isn’t very fond of them and she has tattoos.
* dogs

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