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Pinkpinkpink 🍉
original @_motoshige_kanai_

April 2018 comment 13 star 688

Oya is the god of storms. and this brand was designed to make waves. we hope you like it. #brandsofbrothers

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Contest: second portrait 💎
original @echosofmortem

April 2018 comment 25 star 720

We created the visual effect using a traditional marbling technique (suminagashi for those of you interested) with the founders themselves making the core identity.

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내 몸이 너를 원해 🥀

April 2018 comment 19 star 861

We loved the challenge of creating a fresh, modern brand for two female founders of an investment fund with a family heart.

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In retrospect ... early 2016
i did it again! my second short animation film cupid is not a terrorist
poster design by @themonthlyfilmfestival
#bellopropello #moho #animation #film #shortfilm #cartoon #filmmaker #indie

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Contest: third portrait 🐺
original @dallagnol_rafael

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Well, guys, i'm done👌🏻 #drawthisinyourstyle of @microlichen (i really love your artworks and your style 💕).
i combined my old style and the current one in this drawing, i hope you will like it 🙇🏻‍♂️

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Contest: fourth portrait 🐍
original @brokeartmajor

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Muslim 🌺

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Well, guys, i decided to take part in this and get you #drawthisinyourstyle 🙇🏻💙
it was such a responsible decision that i couldn't finish this work very long 😓😓
use hashtag #drawthisinyourstyle and mark me in your artwork, and thank you to everyone who has waited and agreed to participate 🤧🤧

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Show hotéis — kids show : hakuna matata

#animagest #eventos #animação #eventoscorporativos #ativaçãodemarca #events #animation #corporateevents #bandactivation #turiscampo #showhotéis #kidshow #hakunamatata

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