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Beautiful wyoming! ⭐️

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Happy #caturday ❤️🎉
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last night we had a thunderstorm, and our shinobu is very scared of them. he spent most of the storm with me under my desk, then towards the end moved to the bed. when i went to check on him, this is what i found--his little brother comforting him! ❤️😭❤️

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Thanks to everyone who messaged me after they have seen my behind the scenes special of the (half) wild horses in netherlands. if you haven’t seen it yet, i put it in my story highlights, you can still watch it. i was especially overwhelmed by the amount of messages coming from young aspiring photographers who admired my work. though i feel flattered by the kind words, i also can’t ignore the sadness that rises within me when reading that someone makes themselves small. „i wish i had your life but i’m just not good enough in photography“ was one sentence i read the most. there was a time when i wasn’t good enough for my life. but there was never ever a time when i actually thought i wouldn’t deserve it. reaching a goal isn’t about your conditions, money or skills. mostly it’s about your mindset. if you have passion inside you, it will transform on the outside and will offer you opportunities to learn, grow and evolve in the right direction. „wether you think you can do or can’t do something - you are right.“ i want to create such an opportunity for you. so i decided to give you the chance to ask any questions you have that will help you to get better: tonight, live on instagram. i don’t know everything and sometime i myself feel like a blind chicken running around but hey, if i can transform my dreams into reality, then so can you. join the livestream at 6 pm (german time). get your questions ready! looking forward to see you all in a couple of hours. ✌🏼

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leyton 🐶❤️

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Had the best time with these cheeky sausages among the lavender fields! ♥️🐕♥️ #bffs .
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