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As he climbed the #beautiful staircase at #andazdelhi he could embrace the #vibrant #lifestyle of this place that inspires everyone to express their own andaz.

experience spaces that ignite #imagination and offer a world of unique moments #wheninandaz.

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📸 credits: @dham_sahab 😊

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Amber fort, also known as amer fort is one of the best tourist destinations not just in jaipur city but the whole of rajasthan. it is located on cheel ka teela on aravalli hills. the fort was built by raja man singh i, one of the navratnas of emperor akbar.
with its amazing architecture that combines mughal and hindu styles, the fort built in red sandstone and marble, is a sight to watch and walk through with its high ramparts, many gates, cobbled paths and splendid view. the maota lake looks splendid from the fort.

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Its time for a ginger bread house, its time for christmas 🎄 #christmas #gingerbreadhouse #andaz #andazdelhi #annamayadelhi

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Celebrate delhi’s favourite time of the year - the season of joy and happiness #wheninandaz. 🎅🏼🎁❄️ .

come over to #andazdelhi and fall in love with the vibe of our city through our #401reasons as you celebrate the beautiful festival of #christmas and bring in the #newyear in your andaz.

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तप रहा है भूमि का,
सीना लहू की बूँद से,
डर भी डर से काँपता,
रहता है आँखें मूँद के ।
रोष है, आक्रोश है वो,
होश में तैयार है,
और वरूण से तेज़ उसका,
दुश्मनों पे वार है ।
थर्र थर्रात है हिमालय,
जिसके पग की चाप से,
हिम पिघलता है बराबर,
उसके बल के ताप से ।
नाप ली एक गोते में,
सागर की सब गहराइयाँ,
फीकी पड़ जाती है नभ की,
अनछुई ऊँचाइयाँ ।
वीरता है आत्मा,
क़ुर्बानी जिसकी शान है,
वो अमर जवान ज्योति,
वो अमर जवान ज्योति । 🇮🇳 .
- rahul rahi

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It is a #celebration time for #delhi as well as #andazdelhi as we celebrate two years of being in love with our city #wheninandaz.

to celebrate andaz delhi’s second anniversary join us on 15 december 2018 as we will take you along for a #photowalk on #bicycles (reason number 293) with our cultural insider @delhibycycle (reason number 319). .
the ride will be a confluence of the old and the new. i.e. #olddelhi#newdelhi#mughalarchitecture and modern corridor of power designed by the british architect edwin #lutyens.

limited seats available. click on the link in bio to register.
let’s fall in love with our city. all over again. 😊

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