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Sharks and shakas πŸ¦ˆπŸ€™ happy aloha friday #alohafriday #islandviewhawaii #northshore #sharks #cagefree #snorkel #shaka #mermaid

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Just checking in to say hello and that today i did a hike with some cool people which made my soul happy but my lungs very unhappy (asthma lifeeeeeeee) 🌿 it’s become a lil tradition to do this hike when i first arrive on o’ahu and i’ve been lucky enough to share this spot with so many amazing peeps πŸ€™

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Staring down the sun...time to come back now!

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I wanted to get a feel for more of kauai then just the pretty views. as a solo traveller i’ve also been struggling to find a hiking buddy. for both of these reasons i decided to jump on a tour with @kauaihikingtours
it was everything i hoped for! they made the day really easy by taking care of everything from the driving to answering all my questions about the land and the history. i especially learnt a lot about the native and invasive species of flora from guide jess who takes a great interest in botanics and natural healing, i was so engrossed in everything she said.
if you’d like to give hiking a go or just want someone to show to all the great local spots i’d highly recommend kauai hiking tours.
(not bad photographers either, thanks for the photo @jessonajourney )

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So #blue

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I can't believe tomorrow is already march! february flew by but i'm not complaining because that means we are getting that much closer to spring!! now if you live in washington or the pnw area in general you know that means it's not going to get that much warmer until probably mid april but a girl can dream it'll be as hot as it was here on this beautiful rustic black sand beach on the big island. is it warm where you live right now?

i'm just mostly excited to be able to get outside & explore again! also to be able to do weekend workouts in the sunshine. i honestly prefer getting my workout in at the gym. i just feel motivated & focused by the vibe around me and it has all the equipment & heavy weights i need. but i love throwing some outdoor fun into my routine, especially agility ladder drills! anyways all this talk of working out has got me pumped for leg day tonight! happy humpday to everyone!

p.s. this beach is featured on my blog. link in bio!


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