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Our mission is simple – to help others. so when the family of eleven-year-old rowynn reached out to our team with their story, we were beyond moved.
thank you kyle and taran for sharing your personal experience with our products. this is why we do what we do, why we strive to improve, every single day. 🧡

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Trekz air has traveled the world thanks to our #shokzsquad. 🌎
if you could travel anywhere, where would it be? | 📸: @calebkerr #traveltuesday

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Will you accept this trekz air? happy valentine’s day, from our squad to yours. 🧡

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4️⃣3️⃣ everything. 🧡
we’re proud to be a sponsor of @bubbawallace in nascar’s daytona 500. help us cheer him on below! 🏁

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Test du fractionné en côte 🤘 depuis 1 semaine je prends beaucoup de plaisir à recourir avec mes nouvelles #onrunning. au bord de l'estuaire il y a une monté de malade que je n'ai jamais osé emprunter lors de mes runs, aujourd'hui je me suis lancée !
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soit 3km.
travailler en côte pousse donc à se dépasser toujours un peu plus et renforce le mental.
les jambes, les chevilles, le coeur tout est 🆗️
bon dimanche à toutes et tous ☀️ #fractionné #aftershokz #suunto #dépassementdesoi #cardio #runaddict #rungirl #runninggirl #runner #runhappy #run #instarunfrance #courirpourleplaisir #sport #courseapied #biendansmesbaskets #runlove #cardio #courir #runffited #frenchrunner #running #happyrunner #nopainnogain #motivation #sport #runnerforlife #determination #marathon #prépamarathon #estuairedelagironde

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It’s no secret how much i love @aftershokz can headphones😏 i train with them everyday and tell everyone they need a pair (no i do not make commission!) unlike traditional headphones, aftershokz don’t go inside or over your ears, so you can hear the world around you while you listen to your music or make/take calls. powered by bone conduction technology, aftershokz guide mini vibrations through the cheekbones directly to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum completely! i never have to worry about not hearing something/someone sneaking up behind be while i’m running alone!
stay tuned to hear how i am partnering with @aftershokz to deliver happiness and celebrate the customer happiness team (yes that’s a real team in the company!)
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It's chilly out, but we know the best way to keep warm. cozy up with your 🐶 (and your aftershokz, of course). | 📸: @chrisroams

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Hey friends, i’m excited to be delivering happiness this month with @aftershokz! these headphones use bone conduction technology, guiding mini vibrations through the cheekbones into the inner ear and bypassing the eardrum completely. this helps keep users aware of their surroundings, making them perfect for working out, running, or just everyday wear. my husband uses them daily to listen to podcasts and music while he’s working, and he also swears by them for running. we love these and have gotten several pairs for friends and family as gifts! #shokzlove #shokzsquad #shokzloveas #aftershokz #ad

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