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Today, may 15th marks the 4th year of #aerotiva. here’s an unreleased photo of matter halo pictured by @ernandaputra in 2015.

tell us why do you think #aerotiva will always be the part of your journey?

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Selalu percaya, akan akhir bahagia.

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When the sun is #onfleek. ☀️ #aerotiva #postflight 💽 @matterhalo - a bigger world

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Unik, adem , lirik yang simple but ngena dan vibesnya bagus.
aerotiva album yang berisikan musik dengan ambience bandara.. ini sangat direkomendasikan banget buat didenger sih.. ga cuman lagunya yang vibesnya bagus.. visual music videonya juga ngademin..
terimakasih @matterhalo buat musik unik dan simpel. udarakan terus bung!
song : melangkah lagi by @matterhalo
artwork and video bamaself
#matterhalo #artwork #aerotiva #indiemusic #melangkahlagi

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Title: kamulah yang terindah

hi, sebenernya pengen ngefanart @matterhalo sejak awal denger semasa kuliah. awal denger lagu yg judulnya #travel . ciri khas mv @matterhalo talentnya memakai baju merah untuk yg cowo dan kuning untuk ceweknya jadi kesannya berkesinambungan. menceritakan sepasang kekasih namanya #aero dan #tiva . suka sekali dengan mv dan lagu-lagunya ❤️ terimakasih telah membuat musik yang keren ini, sehingga membuatku ingin menggambar ini 🌻

swipe ke kanan untuk melihat cuplikan videonya yaa 🌞
source of matter halo's youtube

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Leisurely escaping life aka being irresponsible. #aerotiva (extra chill beats by 🎼 unknown immortal orchestra - hunnybee)

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It was taken on one of those sunny, breezy days. those days when you get what you say. even a flower was blown away into my way. it was sometime last may, sun rays on the bay, when everything was okay. it's the day where i took off, under the assurance of the wind and love.
now i'm up here, holding up the steer. realized that the wind blowing isn't so soft anymore, and the love in the engine is left no more. this flight has become a fight—i was told to prepare but insisted on not being aware. the turbulence is intense and consistent—but on this plane, i am the sole captain to retain. "mayday. hello, @matterhalo? mayday. may i spend an evening, instead of a day? i mean nothing malevolent; only you may be able to calm what's turbulent." #aerotiva
p. s. this is actually a (dramatized) glance into my life for the time being, only i'm analogizing it as a flight that happens to be experiencing a violent turbulence.

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