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5 days of hiking around the cordilleras will really make you fall in love with your own country ❤️ there is so much to see and experience in our great outdoors! 😍 grateful we get to share it with pacha 🥰 #itsmorefuninthephilippines #travellingwithdogs

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Here’s a little more color from this sass monster 💁🏻‍♀️

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Joining in for #muttclothtalks, how has instagram influenced your life with your pet(s)? photography has been a major hobby of mine since i got my first camera around 11-12, and i’m on my 3rd dslr now.
i love instagram for the creative inspiration and the travel ideas. it’s great to have met a community of people who have the same hobbies (and who as are obsessed with their dogs as i am!)i’ve met people here who you can bet i will be hitting up for meetups/ if i want advice for local hiking.
the one thing i’d say that can make me stressed is trying to get a portrait when rikki isn’t cooperating. haha my dog doesn’t understand that i have a creative vision i want to fulfill, she just wants to go play with the other dog behind me, or eat the bark of the down tree she’s sitting on. i just gotta shake it off and put away the camera and get some successful focus exercises out of her before just letting her burn off some energy. 🤷🏻‍♀️ do i spend too much time on ig? oh absolutely. i just like seeing everyone else’s dogs getting to have fun exploring! i’ve been trying to put the social media down a little bit lately though, and i often forget to take videos for stories. again though, 🤷🏻‍♀️. how has ig influenced you and your pups? feel free to chime in! •

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You’d be bloomin mad not to pick me!

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His happy little face kills me in this.

do you like buying bandanas for your dogs? if so, what kinda bandanas do you like? and do you have a colour or pattern preference? i like ones that have a snap back so it doesn't fall off kodi while he adventures. i don't like super delicate bandanas because kodi does this thing where he holds his bandana in his mouth and runs around on the trail. it's so funny to watch him do that, though.

bandana by @delair.designs. code "kodi10" to save.

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