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Break them @moxirollerskates jack booties in with a chilled long roll. they will mould to your feet and feel dam amazinggggggg 🧡💚rolling with @dangersk8s #moxiskateteam @moxirollerskates @moxiskateshop 🎶 by @a.d.k.o.b

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🌠 #lovethruyourarms 🎊 congratulations winners 🎊 it wasn't easy choosing winners, as everyone had such amazing vibes and fully supporting each other throughout the challenge. thank you for all your support. our lucky participants are: @k.e.o.w.i - 🎁@jalaclothing @yogawithchigusa - 🎁@wellnesscandles @yogaserenitynow - 🎁@shopwayofwill winners above please dm @activefityoga with you full name, full shipping address, email, and size (if applicable) @the.wiff - 🎁@slit_weave please dm @krisxtine216 with your full details as above. @wapatoose - 🎁@chakrastrong please dm @onehumblewarrior with your details. congratulations! again, we thank our sponsors for making this happen. • our upcoming round in august will be our last round, we will be working on our legs and balances. see you then, meanwhile here is to practicing daily and getting stronger! 🙏 #practicemakesprogress • wearing @slit_weave braided legging top by @aquaburns #slitweave #getstrong #forearmstand #onedayatatime #getinspired

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I’ve been adding spirulina to my matcha lately. double the energy for me 🙌🏻 this mama is okay with that ;) i change it up, but lately my matcha has been filtered water, @vitalproteins matcha, @nutiva coconut butter, spirulina, and cinnamon. i only use a 1/2 tsp of spirulina. but, a little goes a long way! so anyway, this week i’ve been on here less because i feel like i need to unplug a little. but i’ve been able to get a lot of stuff done around the house and get a lot of my to dos done. (which feels good) i was going to get in the kitchen and recipe experiment earlier today, but i looked at my daughter- and i just wanted to soak up time with her. cherish your no’s because it allows other memories to be made. ♥️ #_afreshpurefood

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Because fridays deserve a bit of fun 🤣🤣🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️cartwheeling into the weekend with @tanyaxcheung #cheungsisters #acro #cartwheel #fridayfun

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Wild friday night with a big bowl of kale salad and my little family. 💛 i wanted to talk about kale! when i was in the beginning stages of my health journey i0 years ago, i found kale to help with (many things) but one main thing was- my skin! before i got introduced to vital proteins, face mask, and oils...i started with food. (i mean, you can’t go wrong there 🙋🏻‍♀️) i introduced kale to my diet. after a few weeks of consistently eating it, i noticed a difference in my skin. it gave my skin a glow. kinda weird, huh? i think products are good (and i buy/use a few myself) but skincare first starts with what you eat. food is healing more than we know. sometimes i have to remind myself that. . . deets- heaps of kale and hidden inside is red bell pepper, onions, sweet potato, quinoa, and balsamic dressing. does anyone eat balsamic anymore?! i feel like i never hear about it anymore 😅 but it is still one of my favs. well....im shutting off for the night! have a good evening y’all!😌 #_afreshpurefood

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Curtsy lunge into lateral leg lift x15 reps each side! it’s a great lower body exercise to add into your routine. add some burpees into the mix and you have yourself a quick little full body workout! #athome #bodyweight my fav active wear always @lornajaneme ❤️

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🙌 congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 @jennyg2bfit you are the winner of #legs4splits . thank you to everyone who joined us, you were all deserving winners, both those who could already do incredible splits in all our variations and those who tried so hard in their practice every day. you were all inspiring but unfortunately we could choose only one . jenny please dm @yoga_democracy to claim your prize . thanks for joining us, from your hosts: @simplemuffin @florian_pohl @carolineanneyoga @benditlikebay 🙏

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🍃 getting down and earthy among the trees in @lotustribeclothing ♥ love having natural fiber options for my clothing from this enviromentally attentive family owned small business. ready for #hugthefloorasanas with insanely creative ladies @jadebellyyoga and @renny_sito starting this monday, march 19 ♥ scroll down to our flyer for details and join us. love my look? use my code muffin and get 15%off your entire order with @lotustribeclothing wishing you a wonderful weekend! • #selfpractice #makingshapes #bekindtoyourself #lotustribe

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Doing what i do best! + keeping hydrated💦 something i am not so good at. (keeping hydrated was one of my new years resolutions) just checking in and looking at my goals for myself! drinking more water makes such a difference. my husband is a good example for this. which challenged me to be. i can’t be healthy and be lacking water. so, i was in a conversation with a friend last year, and he told me once he started drinking more water, he hasn’t gotten sick in 3 years. after hearing his story, it challenged me even more. maybe the sluggish feeling, the headaches, the digestive issue “may” be simply because of our lack of water. maybe not. but, water does play a huge role to health! it’s a good place to start. i’ve been keeping my @healthyhumanlife bottle everywhere i go this year! happy saturday friends! 💕 #_afreshpurefood

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Poi c'è lui che non si fa sentire mai 😜 l'avevo dato quasi per latitante 😝 poi mi scrive che il giro vita sta diminuendo😁😁😁😁 dalla taglia 50 sta arrivando alla 46🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 senza accorgersene 🎊🎊🎊 grandeee andrea 👊 fiera di dei tuoi risultati😀 pensare che non voleva iniziare perché sempre fuori per lavoro ed invece ora 😎 pronto anche tu per la prova costume 😃😎 tu cosa stai aspettando ❔❓ vuoi entrare anche tu nei tuoi vecchi jeans❔❓ scrivimi nei commenti ok e iniziamo il tuo percorso personalizzato 😉 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 🍏 #weightloss #wls #toptags #wlscommunity #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #health #brandnewlife #fitfood #gettingfit #healthy #gettinglean #loveyourself #portioncontrol #transformme #wlseats #myjourney #activeliving #loseweight #eatclean #fatburning #workforit #fatloss #fitfam #training #makeithappen #fitlife

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According to a clinical trial given by u.s national library of medicine, propolis improves periodontal status and glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and chronic periodontitis. j periodontol. 2016 dec;87(12):1418-1426. epub 2016 jul 29. #beeandyou #naturallyhealthy #naturally #propolis#propolisturkish #bee #beeproducts #wellness #fitfam #fitandnutitious#chemicalfree #nongmo #kosher#happykids #happyhealthy #nutrients #nutritious #goodnutrition #activelife #activeliving #wholefood #cleaneating #bebuzzworthy #propolisroyaljellyrawhoney #instagood #instahealthy #behappy #behealthy #immunitybooster#coldandfluseason

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Sunday but rainy day ☔️ du coup j’en ai profité pour découvrir le nouvel #ebook de la pétillante @fityourdreams ! il est vraiment top, idéal pour des recettes healthy et gourmandes, de astuces pour faire évoluer tes séances de sport et des outils pour t’organiser ! si tu as besoin de trouver une motivation pour te mettre au sport ou améliorer tes sessions, leona est vraiment la personne idéale 🙌🏼 toi aussi reçois gratuitement ton ebook #fiteatdream2 sur le site @fityourdreams (lien dans ma bio) ❤️ . . . #healthy #lifestyle #sport #sportmotivation #lornajane #fityourdreams #sportysisters #activeliving #inked #tattoo #tatouage #happy #bonheur #sunday #march #weekend #love #instalove #fitness #fitnessgirl #igptg #pligtulipe #iggang_

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Da che .... “non riesco, non sono costante” ... a ... “ok ci voglio provare” “no tesoro .. non devi provare ... ci devi riuscire”❤️ eccola 😍😍😍😍bravissimaaaaaa 🍏 #weightloss #wls #toptags #wlscommunity #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #health #brandnewlife #fitfood #gettingfit #healthy #gettinglean #loveyourself #portioncontrol #transformme #wlseats #myjourney #activeliving #loseweight #eatclean #fatburning #workforit #fatloss #fitfam #training #makeithappen #fitlife

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100% embracing sunday and not looking at all put together. that’s what most sunday’s should be for.

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It’s all about pushing one and other to become a better version of our selfs 💪🏼 . . who’s ready to start our healthy weight program ? 👉🏻join me👉🏻 🗳inbox for details 😊. . booty gains guys 🍑. . . #letsdothis #activeliving #youcandothis #healthychoices #beyondfitnesscouple

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Have you checked out our 💣 new collection featuring @karinairby? shop via the link in bio or head instore!

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#rockstar ❄️💀😤

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Hey there friends! i am now a #fabfitfunpartner which means that not only can i tell you about these awesome products but i can also save you money on them! - every season @fabfitfun sends out a box of goodies to your door which are perfect for any #selfcaresunday swipe ➡️ for a close-up of the spring box that's full of awesome (and also valued at over $300usd) - use the commission link in my bio with code springlove to save $10 💖💖

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This ain’t my first rodeo!! 🤠 but it is his 🤫 (boots to follow)

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Seeing some walk of shamers on my morning walk... 🤦🏾‍♀️looks like some of you really did wake up with leprechauns #shamelesssunday #sundays #stpatricksday #isover 💚

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Put a 💖 in the comments if you own more sports bras than normal bras!

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It’s all about pushing one and other to become a better version of our selfs 💪🏼 . . who’s ready to start our healthy weight program ? 👉🏻join me👉🏻 🗳inbox for details 😊. . booty gains guys 🍑. . . #sunday #letsdothis #activeliving #youcandothis #healthychoices #beyondfitnesscouple

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