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"for every minute you're angry, you loose 60 seconds of happiness." #riskhappy

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Learn the lesson, let go and move on. #commandinglife

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"there’s a redemptive power that making a choice has rather than feeling like you’re an effect to all the things that are happening. make a choice. just decide what it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be, how you are going to do it. just decide. and from that point, the universe will get out of your way.” - will smith #riskhappy

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Daily cards. prosperity. use your intuition together with some decisive action to manifest prosperity in your life. it is the card of attracting abundance so keep your energy positive and vibrating at a high level to bring in not only money but loving and uplifting experiences. if you have an idea or given an opportunity keep your focus up so you obtain the results you want. be open to receiving and give thanks for what you already have. the universe loves a grateful heart. for personal bookings with mary www.marytarotreadings.com #dailycards #dailytarot #postivevibes #abundance #livereadings #maryloughlandpsychicmedium #angels #northernbeacheslocal #northernbeaches #narrabeen #sydneypsychic #sydney #dailyquotes #positivity #spiritual

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Does anyone else have the tendency to schedule themselves into the ground? i am the queen of filling every free moment i have and forgetting the importance of rest and restoration. lately.. in an effort to take “self-care” a little more seriously, i have been purposefully creating time for slowing down. i’ll tell you.. there’s a part of me that almost fears not being busy. in my forced leisurely mornings or afternoon reading breaks i’m learning that it’s these moments of rest that make me that much more vital and vibrant for all the other things i love to do. if you haven’t prioritized your self-care time yet perhaps this post can be the sign you were waiting for 🙊 (📷: @alexisahrling )

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"don't be afraid to go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is." #riskhappy

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You have a message! ✨✨🙏 follow @commandinglife for more #commandinglife

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Learn to love you first so you know how to be loved. #commandinglife

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March 20 ~ you are in the process of a deep change or transition. even if you don't see things phsyically changing on the outside yet, you are still experiencing a change within. growth comes naturally with change. sometimes it's painful or uncomfortable, but rest assured it is for the best. ultimately, you are letting go of what doesn't resonate with you anymore, to make space for people and things that do. when you resist, struggle, or force you make things harder than they need to be. flow. trust you will become what you need to be and the things that are meant to be yours will come naturally. something new, a positive change, is on the horizon, but it requires you to also change and evolve. you already sense this change or have an inner knowing of what it is. for some, the butterfly is also a significant sign, a positive omen, or spirit animal. this confirms the right path and is always a sign of transformation. love, nailea ❤ book a private reading: https://www.naileaguerrero.com/bookings donate: https://www.paypal.me/naileag777 facebook: https://www.facebook.com/naileaguerrero27 instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nailea.guerrero #spirituality #divineguidance #clairvoyant #intuitive #love #healing #abundance #change #butterfly

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“i know that i have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life, . . therefore, i demand of myself persistent, continuous action toward its attainment, . . and i here and now promise to render such action.” . -napoleon hill . . at the very core of your being, you know you are absolutely capable of living a life you are passionate about. . you can have your heart’s true desire! . it’s time to demand consistent and persistent action of yourself. . make the decision. commit to yourself, your authentic self. . you are worth it and the world needs you to give what only you can give through your authentic service. i know this is true but you must act on it! . go for it and don’t look back!!! . . you’re awesome!!! 🔥❤️🔥

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“if you’re rich in the mind then you’re already worth a fortune.” - big sean 🧠💭💰

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“we want your mistakes -- whatever they may be -- to strike you as humorous. when it comes to your opinion of yourself, no matter what, we want you to look for redeeming features. we no longer want the insecure masses who have surrounded you, who have used your errors as their justification for feeling better, who have convinced you that you are unworthy and inappropriate and flawed in this way and this way and this way as you don't measure up to who knows what standards. we want you to just stand and sort of shake yourself off and begin saying, "i really don't give a rip what any of you are thinking because none of you have concentrated upon me fairly. none of you have really known -- none of you know who i am, none of you know how i am from source, none of you have walked in my shoes. nobody knows. nobody knows. i have accepted this feeling of unappreciation unfairly and i've practiced it, and i'm no longer gonna do it." ~abraham-hicks 🙌🏼 💋 #inspiration #motivation #believeinyourself #flexibility #yogateacher #strengthtraining #workout #athlete #fitness #fitat43 #health #healthcoach #lifecoach #fit #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessblogger #dance #dedication #personaldevelopment #personaltrainer #lawofattraction #love #abundance #success #dancesport #dancer #dancerslife #modeling

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Today is a good day to let someone into your life. guidance and genuine help sometimes appears only when we dare to take a step outside our comfort zone. who may  that person be for you? ♥️ #daybyday #relationships #wendesday #leesegerhealingcards - - - - #consciousness #higerfrequency #energy #love #healing #meditation #change #world #newearth #life #adventure #joy #abundance #everydaymagic #magic #spiritual #goddess #motherearth #gratitude #alchemy #awakening #balance #oraclecards #tarot

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Equinox, candles, alter, plants, moon, sage, palo santo, myrtle, jasmine, rose petals, and spring. song of the call of the eagle, blessing the elements and the four directions, calling in the spring, growing our seeds, nurturing our dreams, talking #tantra, strengthening our hearts with #breathwork, holding each other, deep listening, healing, and the grace of women you call friends. queens among queens, women lifting women, gifts upon gifts, take home fruit bouquets, and delicious food. gratitude and grace. word of the night “abundance”. blessed spring equinox to all. love, eva. #springequinox #womenscircle #equinox #toronto #spring #grace #abundance #manifest #torontoyoga #yogatoronto #prosperity #lifted #grace #womenliftingwomen #kundalini

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Every day you have the opportunity to grow and make the decision to become a happier version of yourself 🙌🏼✨💯 you aren't the same person as you were yesterday 🚫🔙 don’t let another day slip by 👉🏼⌛️ who are you choosing to be today 💥🚀🔝 . . . . #takecontrol #life #lifestyle #chooseyou #health #purpose #passion #love #growth #abundance #opportunity #thebodydetox

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What if you lit a small fire in the darkest forest of your heart and invited those parts of yourself that hide in the shadows to gather round. what if you created a safe place to gently welcome them to come into the light and be heard and be seen. it is time for the young girl, who was silenced and told to play nice to b encouraged to howl at the moon and poke at the fire. she holds exuberance, joy, and yes anger, that is ready to be expressed. let her know that she no longer has to look to others to define herself but can follow her passions and curiosity. it is time to explore, make messes, and put her stamp on the world. reach out to the old soul who carries the weight of everyone's pain and aches with the need for a bit of comfort herself. gently ease the burden from her shoulders and thank her for her service as you return the gift of pain, to each their own. wrap an arm around her shoulder and hold her tight as she leans in for comfort, letting her know that she is not alone nor expected to carry it all by herself. and call in the priestess who stands tall and proud at the edge of the circle. bring her closer to the flickering flames, where her beauty and power can shine to be appreciated and unleashed to the world. invite her into the light of day, letting her know you will follow where she leads. you may discover a rebel, a martyr, a saboteur or many other parts silently influencing you and holding unknown gifts and strengths. sing softly and send love to those parts who are not yet ready to come forward and be known. create a space of healing and growth. let magic sparkle and grow. let synergy create the dreams that exist in your heart. dance barefoot into the changes unfolding.

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We had such an absolute ball today hanging out with these gorgeous gal friends of mine.... (stay tuned for more pics!!)💕. . so incredibly grateful for having met these gorgeous women.....each one with their own unique story, passion and journey to share and bring out the best in all those around them!!. . i loved that today marks only the beginning of our growth, success & expansion together - watch out melbourne..... we’re coming at you with a heart and soul full of love & passion!!!!!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ #theabundanceeffect #babesunitemelbourne

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Opening to the înfinite reâlms of ãbundance that flow through each of our beings channeling the divine within thĪs dream oür creation filling this cup so that the blessings may overflow and pour upon all reflections breaking free from the programmed doubt and embracing the eternal light beating within our chest we are all that is dream the dream you wish to create follow your heart trust the patterns that resonate the deepest cöre of your ancient ëyeš this is our puzzle only we can lead us home we are all leaders of this new ëarth creation with the špring of life coming forth from the alchemy of mother earth § father sky let us plant seeds of intention that will grow into the tree of life that shall feed us and all who seek to embody the truth

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Don’t try to fix things that feel broken. your job isn’t to fix anything or anyone because the more you keep trying the more it will feel broken because your focus is on the ‘broken’ and not on the wholeness. your job is to get into alignment first with your self, that higher soul part of yourself, and let the universe take care of the rest. if you can do this, nothing will ever feel broken again. what do you say? something you could try? i’m alejandra and i would love to have you join 3000+ super soul junkies who recieve my weekly newsletter because they want to create their best life every day. click on the link in the profile to to join us- we’re waiting for you! ❥ - 🌸 #supersouldaily #alignment #focusonyourself

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☄ shreem brzee ☄ 🌌555🌌

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God has blessed us with a beautiful kingdom here on earth, get out there and explore it warriors! #exploremore #godskingdom

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Hello beautiful spring equinox. 💕🌻💕🌻🙃💕🌻💕🌻 with that spring glow & that spring flow. let the old energy go. we accept all new woahs. all good #vibrations for this new astrological year 😍 i am opening and accepting to all the #universe, #blessings, #abundance, #peace, #prosperity, and #love. this is a small glimpse into my #springequinox2018 rituals. the end is an oracle card reading for a spring message to you 💕 #springequinox #spring #happynewyear #springequinox2018 #aries #ariesmoon #ariesseason #oraclecards ##goddess #lawofpositivism #doreenvirtue #crystals #spirituality

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I was nervous. i was unsure. i went for it anyways. i’m buzzing 🐝 after a successful and fun networking event. sleep spray, take me away! #lifechanging #sleepspray #sleepwell #grateful #abundance #sleepisgood #mompreneur #goals #networking #comfortzonesareboring #arbonne #botanical #vegan ❤️❤️ #5spraysplease

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