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Travel makes one modest. you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

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I can’t even maneuver to get my hand in this shot. this painting is the largest watercolor i’ve done in this style to date. “oh don’t mind me - i’m just over here breaking personal records and such.”
(also bingeing on caramel squares because, well ... ‘tis the season for a nauseating amount of candy, hmm?)
tell me one thing today-
what record are you aiming to break?
what is your candy weakness, especially this time of year?

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N o s t a l g i c

mostly for september when i read so many books! october is not going nearly as well. but i'm trying to be okay with it since sleep and rest are also important.

i read the second volume of iko's graphic novel series wires and nerve last month and found it to be absolutely wonderful. i just love this crew of characters! i will never stop reading marissa meyer because her books are so phenomenal! i need to read renegades and, honestly, i think i'm just going to pre-order archenemies because i'll proabably love renegades and there's a cool pre-order incentive!

i've been doing lots of planning and forward-thinking lately! i planned all my photos for the rest of the month (i know there aren't that many days left but shhh let me feel accomplished) and that felt great. i thought about what life might be like next month and two months from now and twelve months from now and i liked the prospects which is always good.

in other news, i'm going to stay up pretty late tonight so maybe i'll finally finish my #currentread sea witch! i will keep you posted!

#octinbooks18 // fav female villain!
#bookstagramreadsoctober // sci-fi!
#allthebooksoct18 // villains!

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“when you don’t have teachers assigning your projects, you have to rely on your own determination to challenge yourself. whether in school or not, the career of an artist is dependent on the ability to be self-motivated.”
this week, we chat with artist @soil.mate about her unconventional path to a career as a fine artist, the causes she holds dear, and her excitement about stepping into the public art space 🎨 link in bio

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Purple mountains majesty 🗻 (📷 @rainbowfallout )

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We’re always listening, especially on #gettoknowyourcustomerday. if there was one flavor you would want us to create, what would it be? ⁉️💦

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Pumpkin patch studies on this perfect fall day 🍁 #copperpaperco #pumpkinpatch

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“there’s a sunrise and sunset every single day, and they are absolutely free. don’t miss so many of them.”

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Today is nicole & zach’s 10 year anniversary and now they have this adorable lil nugget wyn and they’re just the sweetest little fam 😭💛. it’s really hard to do relationships and you guys made it 10 years and i think that’s pretty dang amazing 🤗 also yes i do family photos! 👏🏼 christmas card season is coming up, people 🎄

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Halloweiner 👻 #spooky

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🌾 hey seniors! it’s time to book your senior portraits if you haven’t already! now booking for the class of 2019 🌞

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Color, color everywhere you look!

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Organization makes me happy 💌💌💌💌💌

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I haven’t done a digital abstract in forever, so here you go.
right now i’m sitting in the allergy clinic enjoying a food challenge. almost three years ago, i had a bone marrow transplant and i acquired an egg allergy from my donor. it miiiiight be going away (technically, i might be outgrowing it), this the food challenge.
this little ditty is inspired by eggs. wish me luck!
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Stepping into thursday with this lovely, luscious, uber soft and divine lemon yellow clutch .

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The sweetest breakfast spot after this morning’s #fiftystatesofyoga class at @sukhayogavt. 🧘🏻‍♀️ i don’t think i’ve ever been to such a warm, welcoming studio, and even though the hatha class kicked my b**t i felt so great after. the coffee and breakfast from @monarchandthemilkweed probably helped 🦋 thankful for these moments of warmth as the weather turns cold, cold, cold.

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