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This is called “does anyone else ever think about what the new instagram will be?”

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🌟“if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no” - we’ve all heard that advice and like most advice, it’s good in some situations and s****y in others⠀⠀
🌟when you’re first starting out, especially in a creative field, most things aren’t going to be hell yes’s. yet they still have tons of value. i said yes a ton when it came to photography (and pretty much all the things i've learned). i learned what i liked and didn't like and those gigs led to more gigs. i’ve done tons of projects that aren’t "hell yes’s" and have still taught me so much⠀⠀
🌟that advice can be helpful when you’re so busy that you’re no longer inspired, then i’d say get picky. my philosophy is that it will come in waves. i have seasons of more yes’s followed by seasons of more no’s⠀⠀
🌟that’s the fun, tough and interesting thing about life - there is no --> one sentence framework that can guide all your decisions - really that one guide is your gut and it takes time and practice to trust and let’s be honest sometimes the gut is super f’ing quiet ☺️

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This is called “can’t stop, won’t stop”

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Flowers, flowers and moreeeee flowers. headed to london tonight for chelsea in bloom and i cannotttt wait!!!! it’s my first time to london and i’ve been wanting to go for years! a lot of you have already shared your fave spots with me via dm but please feel free to send more!
and ps - if you hate flowers you should prbs go ahead and unfollow me now 😝

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I live for the little moments when i can feel the magnitude of the words my grandmother used to say to me, “ never forget to stop and smell the roses. “ it’s at 5am, in a new city, seeing the colors in the sunrise from a whole new perspective. its when you’re wearing your favorite long sleeve t-shirt and shorts, smelling the rain, and listening to the perfect john mayer song. it’s when you get to the top of that mountain you’ve been climbing. it’s taking time to put your phone away and laugh with the ones you love the most. it’s seeing a genuine smile on your child’s face when they’ve just accomplished the impossible. it’s when you feel the sun from the inside out. it’s when you pause, and in that exact moment you realize this is it. then the little moments become the big ones and you start investing in them. .
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Can you even with this beauty!? with this magic!? 🌸🌸🌸 grateful today for the way that flowers continue to teach me and for the way the words of wise women teach me as well, in a beautiful chorus together. ⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
going through some things that are beautiful and also painful and these words from @alex_elle are my meditation for this season. “i am unfolding slowly because blooming takes time.” - alex elle

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Happy sunday friends! for those of you who are new to peaches to pearls, welcome and thank you for following along! i’m luisa, the crazy chicken, flower & hat lady! a few facts about myself:
1️⃣besides 4 chickens, i also have a husband, 2 year old son and 2 yorkies whom i adore
2️⃣i’m a pediatric registered dietitian who specializes in gi issues. i love working with kids & teaching them about nutrition.
3️⃣i also love being at the beach, cooking and spending time with my family.
4️⃣when i was younger i wanted to be a professional race car driver, a princess or the first lady. those all pretty much describe my personality 👑
i hope that you will find daily inspiration on my page- whether it’s in easy recipes to make for your family or new outfits to wear! please share something about yourself in the comments below - would love to know about you👇🏽👇🏽 you can shop my outfit here: http://liketk.it/2bv7o #liketkit @liketoknow.it 🌸 { 📷: @shelbyraephotographs }

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#storyofmyhome day 18 – moonstruck. 🌚🌝 according to prevailing dictionary definitions of which maybe i’m aficionado 🙄 “moonstruck” takes on mostly 3 meanings including mental unbalance, romantic sentimentality & losing oneself in fantasy or reverie. i shall say for record imho the barrier between each is tissue thin, as is the fragile line between civilization & savagery & other compelling polar oppositions that drive our days & keep us up @ night. those of us who live more than our fair share on the dark side know the not-dark side is delightful respite requiring grab-it-while-you-can appreciation & if possible max daily exploitation. which i suppose is why i choose to revel in the happy + surround myself w/ so much of the tra la la & puff & fluff & other delightfully important irrelevancies such as this ginormous decision: shall we go dark & dramatic in our upstairs bathroom redo or shall it look like someone stuck a bomb in a bowl of jelly bellies? 🖤🖤🖤 vs 🍭🍬🍡🌈🦄🧚‍♀️🍄? decision is patent pending. 💃💃💃

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Obudziła nas burza. pierwsza burza w tym roku. zwinięta w kłębek, w bezpiecznej pozycji pod kołdrą, nie mogłam oderwać od niej oczu. nie wiem co niesamowitego jest w burzach, ale już od małego uwielbiałam stać z babcią w oknie i obserwować uważnie pioruny przecinające ciemne niebo. mam jednak nadzieję, że choć trochę się wypogodzi i uda mi się wskoczyć w kalosze i pognać na jakiś targ kwiatowy 🌸 dziś odpuszczam zdjęcia, dziś cieszę się sobotą 💕 a wam życzę pięknego dnia niezależnie od pogody! co będziecie porabiać?

na paznokciach niezastąpiony @pinails_hybrid numer 256 🌸

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