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Does anyone of you live in a different city/country than your parents and family?
i do. but! this august, my parents will come visit! i met them last summer, but it has been almost 5 years since they come to norway🥰 it’s gonna be goood! so, i’ll be celebrating my birthday with my parents as well ♡ super excited!!!!
it’s been raining all day today. it’s so cozy! i am gonna squeeze in some reading time later! hope your sunday is lovely :)

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"your dreams are a place where the divine resides" - tererai trent. a beautiful thought for this bright monday morning. i'm just beginning to read her book, the awakened woman. it's good good stuff. have you read it?
i get super excited about color, and this color... coral: somewhere between the spice of red and the sweetness of pink... i think if optimism was a color, this would be it. 🌷
wishing you a monday full of optimism 🌷
quinicridone coral by #danielsmithwatercolors hot press and cold press watercolor papers
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Lately, i’ve really been craving the consumption of content that challenges and teaches and provokes thought. i haven’t figured out how to best use my own voice on this app, it feels more like a creative outlet than a platform but i also want to put things out into the world that have meaning and purpose and add value. i’m still trying to find that balance and also just decide what it is i want to share and how to best share that.
so that being said, i have two questions for all of you: 1) what books/podcasts/accounts have been inspiring you lately and 2) what do you most like to see from someone you’re following (in posts, captions and stories)? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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When the colombian sun shone down on the beautiful mess we made ☀️ 🌴 🌺

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On top of the world 🎡

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Gdzie jestem, pytacie (to swoją drogą bardzo miłe♥️). przyszła piękna i słoneczna wiosna, a za kajtkiem 4 dni gorączki. dzisiaj w końcu spadła i biedaczek odsypia te trudy. pobudka na leki i dalej drzemka. może ten sezon nas oszczędzi🙏🏻😉 tymczasem spoglądam na te piękne kwiaty i czekam na pierwszą okazję żeby wybrać się z dziećmi do zoo😍 u lilki teraz faza na żyrafy😉 nigdy jeszcze nie widziała żadnej na żywo, to będą emocje😍

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Sometimes there are days when you keep going, feeling that everything is possible, conquering the world. and sometimes there are days when it seems that everything good is just flying past you at a light speed. those are the days when the only thing you can think of doing is hiding under the blanket and pretending like the outside world doesn’t have any relation to your being.
today was one of those days - in the middle between “conquering the world” and “hiding under the blanket”. you know how when there’s so much work to do that you end up... not doing much at all. and then you blame yourself for that lack of action, but still don’t feel like showing your face from under that blanket. .
i guess that’s just a monday syndrome, and doesn’t it happen to everyone? .
i hope you had a great day today! and if you indeed stayed hiding under the blanket - that’s ok. every next day, every next minute is a new chance to make a difference. 🌸 .
Иногда бывают дни, когда с легкостью двигаешься вперед и покоряешь все горы на своем пути. Иногда бывают дни, когда хочется завернуться в одеялко и спрятаться подальше от окружающего мира и всей этой суеты. А бывают дни, которые вот ни туда ни сюда - вроде и дел по горло, однако все дела делаются наполовину из под того самого одеялка. .
А потом начинается - самобичевание, ведь дел то все еще много. Начинаешь работать до победного, и винишь себя за каждую минуту отдыха. Вроде дела делаешь, а кажется, будто все просто стоит на месте. .
Наверное главное все же найти этот баланс. Даже если сегодня день получился наполовину из под одеяла, то стоит помнить, что каждая следующая минута, каждый новый день - это новый шанс сделать что-то лучше и по-другому. 🌸

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