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So proud to honor my 동생 (little brother), @kevin.kreider and @petervando of @asianmosaicfund at our @6abcactionnews dinner in celebration of asian pacific american heritage! thank you both for the incredible work you do to empower those in our community and beyond. and don’t ask about the last pic 🤣 #beautyandthebeast #obviouslyiamthelatter also, a heartfelt thanks to our 6abc gm, @bernie.prazenica for hosting and supporting our community and to niki hawkins for working tirelessly throughout the year to make sure our voices are part of our collective 6abc conversation and coverage! #aapi #aapiheritagemonth #asianamerican #giving #givingback #makingadifference #rolemodel

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Where will #myasianamericanstory take me next?

quite honestly, i’m not sure. life isn’t so straight forward anymore. for most of my life, i always knew where the path would take me next (see last post). but now, i’ve learned there is no one straight path. there’s been a lot of ups and down as i carve out the identity of the asian-american woman i want to be. the journey has taken me around the world and it’s kept my soul and tummy full.
after walking away from my “dream” job, i knew i wanted to create. i wanted the freedom to tell the stories that i was passionate about and i knew i wanted to use food as the gateway into deeper stories.
outside of instagram, i’m a director and filmmaker working on my first food documentary. i’m an executive producer on a film that’s premiering in cannes. i’m a business woman starting my own media company. i’m a playwright working on my first project to premiere next year which i will also act in.
the past couple years have been about nurturing this seed of the woman i am meant to be. its roots run deep and i can’t wait for it to bloom. #asiangirlboss #appifilmmaker #appidirector
what’s your #myasianamericanstory?

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Calling out white privilege and cultural appropriation in a majority white newsroom in florida. yup. this was the last thing i did as a news anchor in local tv news. mic drop.
i share this with you as we celebrate asian american pacific islander heritage month. our community is becoming stronger and more woke and we will continue to call out bs like this when we see it! and if you like this, you will love @ghostwriterstv - a show i created inspired by these very experiences in the newsroom. .
#aapiheritagemonth #culturalappropriation #race #gender #asian #asianamerican #filipino #woke #melanin #racism #transracial

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Know 👏 your 👏 worth 👏 celebrated tv journalist & presenter @lisalingstagram shares her personal mantra, & we could not agree more.💥

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Hey ya’ll, it’s almost over but did you know it’s asian american pacific islander heritage month? giving props to our diverse heritage! #phenomenallyasian #aapiheritagemonth @napawf @phenomenal.ly

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Appreciate @frntofficesport for helping to shed a light on the lack of diversity in newsrooms.
according to data from the u.s. census bureau, less than 5 percent of announcers, in any industry, are asian, while 73.5% are white and 17.3% are black.
the story link is on my bio page.
#aapiheritagemonth #aapihm @aajaofficial

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Am i dreaming? my bookshelf just got a huge upgrade thanks to penguin random house and this stellar package of books by asian american authors they sent me for #aapiheritagemonth! what an honor to be a featured book reader for them for this special month of may! check out my feature and a list of other aapi authors at bit.ly/2ybvfna if you're looking for book recommendations. you can also win this package of books too! check out the latest post on @penguinrandomhouse to find out how :) happy reading friends! #ad #penguinrandomhouse #aapihm
p.s. anyone else love the feeling of holding a physical book in your hands and the smell of turning pages? no? odd? just me?

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You played it so nostalgically too, @ajrafael. 🙏🏼 ✨ 🎶 honored to be part of this medley comprised of songs by #aapi artists from days of yore. (check it out on his youtube) • it’s a humbling thing to be part of a time (and community) when all we had was that spark in our eyes — carving a new path that not many has really paved for us before (as far as asianam music is concerned). cheers to all of us who still strive to inspire the world with music & other gifts that we’re given. #aapiheritagemonth #youtubers #asianam #asianamericanpacificislanderheritagemonth

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#aapiheritagemonth | sinigang. a tabo w warm water. magic sing.
pinoy pals, now that i have your attention, when its appropriate to start using my lips to point to the “ano” ?
nothing stressed me out more as a kid than having to fill one (1) “ethnicity” bubble when we took standardized tests in the spring. how was i supposed to chose one race to identify as? how do you tell an eight year old that their existence is an anomaly? that if they mark more than one, they won’t be registered once the test was sent in?
one of my closest friends @inkybattlefields asked me to be a part of their asian american/pacific islander heritage month celebration & to say i was completely honored is an understatement. but i was also kind of hesitant.
was i asian enough for this?
for those of you who don’t know— i am filipino/chinese. but i’m also irish, swedish, & spanish. the euroasian-american. being biracial has given me the opportunity to embrace what makes me me & resonate w people who share multiple cultural backgrounds as well. did you know that 10% of american children today are multiracial? i think that’s really freaking cool !! so a message to all my mixed kids, you are [insert ethnicity] enough... even if you don’t believe it. & especially when people belittle your heritage for being a smaller percentage than theirs— you are valid & you are always enough.

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