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See, i told you i still deadlift
featuring my inverse catback and cousin it hair

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Y’all this is big for me. 235x4 paused(😬)! in august i was crying in the hallway or @odysseybarbellclub because i couldn’t move 230 off the floor. through all these injuries, i’m just workin 👊🏼 @kissmyarch

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Most fridays i’m in bed by 8pm but here i am doing exhausted sumo deads instead. thanks @abiyababu and @its_blasian for the advice and moral support
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So. damn. easy. last set shown duh.
4x3 @ 275 rpe 5 (idk lol maybe)
@ girlswhopowerlift #gwpl #girlswhopowerlift #powerlifter #powerlifting #deadlift #72kg

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Light and easy last workout before the meet. feels good to get under the bar and keep the body moving after all that heavy stuff i’ve done over the past week. squats 177x2x2 and bench 89x2x2. now i rest and maybe a little more sauna this week! #usapl #usaplaz #master2a #72kg #startingstrength #betterbodiesbyburman #apemanstrong2

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Equipped lifting yay! 315x3x3

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220 for some nice ~submax~ pauses. pleased with how these moved minus the sweaty thighs 🍗 @kissmyarch

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So this is our starting point.
for the past 6 months our life has been nonstop.
moved into our first house in march.
signed the lease for @velocitybarbell in april.
quickly renovated the space to open in may.
@nutribro quit his job to go full-time at the gym in july.
and these past few months have been adjusting to a new business, a new home and throwing a new puppy in the mix because why not?!
all that’s on my mind is how are the members feeling? i wonder if my friends and family are mad i never contact or see them? i wonder if brad is stressed? i feel awful i have no desire to keep things tidy. why am i still tired after 9 hours of sleep? why do i want caffeine by the hour?
needless to say my diet and training have been subpar.
so again, here we are!
not awful, not great.
this week we both really started counting our macros again and have forced ourselves to focus on our own training more.
i’ll pretend this is a classic “using you guys as my motivation/accountability”! obviously to some of you this is great, and to others it’s not.

time to #slaydragons and see what this #effortbasedresults really means to me!⚡️⚡️
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72 kg❤️kämpfer herz❤️mit bruder schwimmen❤️ #boxing#fighter#azerbaijan#baku#germany#münster#agdam#hallenbadmitte#chillen#72kg#fighter#boxers

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Squat transformation 🤩
anybody remember when i almost bombed out at worlds? 🙃
1st video june 12, 2018➡️opening attempt at 165 kg (363 lbs) 🔴🔴🔴 just look at my reaction after seeing the lights though!
2nd video october 13, 2018➡️opening attempt at 152.5 kg (336 lbs) ⚪⚪⚪
when i was able to go up a weight class for worlds i let myself get a little fluffy. so my squat kind of skyrocketed, but my depth wasn't as convincing. i've never received a red light for depth in usapl since i began in 2013, so seeing those red lights didn't even seem real to me. i sunk deeper on my 2nd attempt and still got reds. on my 3rd, i swear i sat on my ankles and still... got one red 🔴⚪⚪
i felt i had a near 400 lb squat in me that day. but i got all of my attempts in bench and deadlift, and took home silver.
however, after that i had to cut down to 72 kg and squat deep. without the ability to get real volume in because i didn't have much time before my next meet, my squat decreased a bit. and i switched to a sumo deadlift, so that took some potential away from my squat. i also started cutting weight pretty drastically, and just before nationals, developed some patellar tendonitis. so it was easy to feel discouraged about my squat. my 3rd attempt was only 2.5 kg above my 1st attempt at worlds. but knowing that my total was higher, my wilks was higher, and my squat was way deeper pretty much puts those feelings to bed. ...
the goal is to shed the extra fluff, keep squatting deep, heal my knee, and build back up. no more scares 🙃
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#72kg a.geraei 🇮🇷
f.staebler 🇩🇪
b.korpasi 🇭🇺
l.lomadze 🇬🇪
چهار مدعی اصلی وزن ۷۲کیلوگرم جهانی بوداپست:
علی گرایی (ایران)
فرانک استابلر (آلمان)
بارینت کورپاسی (مجارستان)
لوری لومادزه (گرجستان)

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New body💪✌🏋
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일단 살은 빼고 보는거다 #72kg # 허리는29 #전투다이어트 #25킬로감량

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Some warm up singles before my top set: 52.5/ 116, 58/ 128 @ smoooooth & feelin güd 🤙🏼
back offs: 49/ 108x6x4
@ alex_1rm #team1rm #1rm

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재밌네ㅎㅎㅎ 🎥@ji_chu_00 #진주스카이클라이밍 #새볼더링#꿀잼 #72kg#🐷🐖

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Instead of some pseudo-motivational bs, i just wanna say that as long as i have breath in my lungs, i will not be stopped. with every inhale and exhale, remember that your body is fighting for your survival. so if you struggled to get out of bed this morning, just know that while your mind may try to convince you that trying isn’t worth it, your body is working tirelessly to keep you alive. don’t give up 🖤 these breaths weren’t meant to be wasted.

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Psa not cutting before a meet means you won't feel like s**t and you'll actually be able to train properly!! welcome to my ted talk
bw @ 69(woah that vacation bloat is real) and feeling goooouuuda

hit a massive (sumo)pr (this was my second at centrals in august) of 330 this morning
second single is 315

@ newfie_bullet84

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L. o. l.
you ever get the giggles and you just can’t stop?
if you answered no, you’re not human. you’re spam and you’re dreaming elegance. just unfollow me now.
i take my lifts serious but i like to have fun at the gym too, i’m there every day, why not enjoy myself 🤷🏼‍♀️
... maybe a little too much tonight lol
second video is me actually lifting
@girlswhopowerlift shirt
@fabletics leggings
#girlswhopowerlift #gwplgear #72kg #powerliftingcouple

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Look, just understand that i’m on a roll like cottonelle i was made for all of this shit
@ champagnepapi
3x1 @ 7.5 ~ 231lbs
2x3 @ 7 ~ 210lbs
#headdownandhungry coach: @ matthew_sananikone
jim: @ theprojectstrength

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Spooky skeleton socks for deads 2day. starting to feel just the tiniest bit of si pain so if you need me i’ll be doing modified pigeons and side planks in the corner
240x3 paused @kissmyarch

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After regionals, i lost my spark.
i didn’t want to lift or even be at the gym.
i wanted to relax because for 21 weeks i was in prep mode.
it had honestly got to the point where people knew i meal prepped and trained 4-5x a week and made their plans fit mine.
yesterday, a fire was lit that will burn so bright that it will be seen for miles.
i found my drive, my motivation, and my focus.
they need a little dusting off but 2019 is the year of the wolf... the hangry wolf to be exact. 🔥 | #shewolfmodeinprogress #wolfpupintraining #shewolfpack #hangrywolf #getangrystayhungry ••• #headdowneyesforward #earnednotgiven #southeastmecca #i3sp #flex #usapl #powerlifting #72kg #projectliftordie #norisknoreward #girlswholift #gwpl #doublebicepflex #7weeksout #2019goals .
📸: @iam5ftwonder

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175x3 raw & 190x3x3 with the slingshot
chuggin’ along to 200🚂💨💨
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Back to work...squats 187.5x3x5. deficit deadlifts 187.5x5x2. and that guy in my squat video is a sf giants baseball player 🤷🏻‍♀️i don’t follow baseball but that’s what he told me. #usapl #usaplaz #master2a #72kg #startingstrength #betterbodiesbyburman

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