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June 2017 comment 7 star 247

Ready to link it up with my #gopro now i'm very #impressed with my new #sena #s20 setup rode home yesterday in a down pour rain while i was playing music it never stopped working but keep doing the "say a command" thing every 30-45 seconds when it got crazy wet. put it in a bag of rice for 24 hours & its back to normal. full #100spokeriderz youtube review coming soon.

August 2016 comment 2 star 24

The holiday season is coming up & that's when the thirsty haters are out in full force ready to spread drama in your life. don't make it easy for them haters invest in some security it won't stop them but that extra time to get ready might be all you need to get the upper hand #100spokeriderz

October 2016 comment 7 star 44

Dont mind me this is just my oil changed at miles reminder pic #100spokeriderz

March 2017 comment 0 star 42

This is how i spent my #monday #morning just another day in the life of #100spokeriderz my #scrapmetal #story

November 2017 comment 0 star 26
July 2017 comment 2 star 37

@chemicalguys came threw with the super fast shipping i ordered on sunday & it came in on wednesday there is going to be some #foam flying this weekend 4sure #100spokeriderz #foamcannon

July 2017 comment 1 star 41

New directions + new goals = new youtube videos so stay tuned #100spokeriderz

August 2017 comment 4 star 42