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Shut the f**k up i'm not okay

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꒰ swipe of a surprise ꒱
—🌷✨ i want to cuddle him and squeeze him tight.

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If i coyld, i would buy all the f*****g beanies in the wrold for taehyung to wear

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I played dna yesterday for my austistic little cousin and she actually started to dance and my heart was : touched.

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Suga suga ekshek

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Okay but s**u taehyung in a beret is the best thjng ever. you can not and will enver change my mind ever. taehyung in a beret makes my heart go : 💕💛swoosh 🥰❤️🤕💓💚💞💛💙❤️💝🥵💓boom❤️💜💛🥰💙boom✨🥵❤️💙💘💖🧡🌟💛💕❤️🥰💛💜swoosh💚🧡🥰✨❤️💜💚✨

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Arent they the cutest lil beans?? im so happy they exist.

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I will never forget the fact that taehyung was so respectful, that when when laura morano from austin and ally hugged taehyung, he hugged her back with out touching her back. what a king. i stan the right man and fell in love with the right one.

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I remember showing my grandma this and she was like “el chavo del ocho?” and i wanted to die. only some of you will get this.

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Fun fact: im listening to boy in luv right now

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