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We'll always be proud of our daphne. πŸ’— catch up on the series finale of #switchedatbirth on freeform.com or on demand.

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An amazing 5 years. πŸ’˜ #switchedatbirth

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"what if we spent our whole lives and never met?" 😩 catch up now on the final season of #switchedatbirth on freeform.com or on demand.

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You changed our life, switched at birth family. πŸ’˜ catch up on the final season of #switchedatbirth on freeform.com or on demand now.

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Still crying. πŸ˜– #switchedatbirth

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It's true. πŸ’˜ #switchedatbirth

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Not over the #bemmett feels. 😭 if you missed last night's series finale, you must catch up now on freeform.com or on demand. #switchedatbirth

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Once in a lifetime. 🌟 tonight was for you, #switchedatbirth family. all of our love, always.

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One last episode. keep live-tweeting tonight's series finale of #switchedatbirth using #switchedatbirthchat!

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Live tweet with your fave cast during the series finale of switched at birth using #switchedatbirthchat.

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As we approach the series finale of #switchedatbirth, we're throwing it back to the moment that started it all. we'll see you in 20 minutes, est/ct. season 1, episode 1: “this is not a pipe”.

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Season 1 to season 5. what a ride it's been. πŸ’˜ #switchedatbirth

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Walking down memory lane: emmett surprises bay with her birthday present. 😱 #bemmett season 1, episode 9: “paradise lost”. #switchedatbirth

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Always love & laughs with this cast and crew. bts photo from tonight's series finale. πŸ’– #switchedatbirth

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Walking down memory lane: john wakes up after his heart attack & is happy to see regina. ❀ season 2, episode 15: "ecce mono". #switchedatbirth

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Presenting bay kennish, then & now. πŸ’œ #throwback #switchedatbirth

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Walking down memory lane: mama kennish has got some moves. πŸ”₯ season 3, episode 8: "dance me to the end of love". #switchedatbirth

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Grab your tissues. it's time to say goodbye to #switchedatbirth with the 90-minute series finale tonight at 9/8c on @freeform.

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Walking down memory lane: daphne, emmett, & crew discuss how to #takebackcarlton. season 2, episode 9: "uprising", an all-asl episode. #switchedatbirth

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Who remembers this?! "batter up" by kathryn kennish. πŸ“š #switchedatbirth

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