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19 hours ago comment 4 star 405

This is enough. 💚💙

some late night thoughts on the recent trip to sydney now on the blog. link in profile.

2 days ago comment 6 star 378

Missing breakfasts in sydney.

4 days ago comment 2 star 373

The best breakfast i’ve had from a cafe goes to this one over here by three blue ducks. hot hay smoked salmon, sweet potato hummus, poached eggs, crispy kale, pepita dukkah, herbs and toasted sourdough. essentially it’s a smoked salmon open-face sandwich but done so much better. fresh ingredients and the best combination of flavours and textures made this really memorable.

2 weeks ago comment 5 star 465

He was playing hide and seek with his grandparents. 💚

2 weeks ago comment 3 star 296

When life gives you the world, and asks you what you want to do with it.

this should be named the ‘philosopher’s path’ like the one they have in japan haha. 3 hours of walking alongside the horizon makes you wonder.

2 weeks ago comment 4 star 377

The weekend is here! on my way to an amazing space right now (will share it on stories!). also planning to visit an op shop and a weekend market later. it’s shopping day!

2 weeks ago comment 6 star 401

You are looking at a matcha, chocolate, pistachio gelato. 💕

2 weeks ago comment 7 star 361

Mornings in sydney are lovely. their cafes and bakeries are cosy spaces with the warmest people who will bring smiles to your day. i love slow mornings here. ⛅️ #stylomate

3 weeks ago comment 2 star 374

Bondi beach, you’re a stunner. and i think it’s the cleanest beach i’ve ever seen. the australians take great care of their beaches. ✨

3 weeks ago comment 8 star 665

We are in sydney! it’s a work trip and a huge project for me but i’m very excited. it’s my first time in australia and we’ve got a nice accommodation with lots of great cafes in the neighbourhood. first meal was an avocado toast with salsa and vegemite haha. checked out the supermarket as well and the australian avocadoes are huge!

3 weeks ago comment 14 star 516

A new recipe up on the blog! and it’s my favourite bibimbap. 😋

this time it’s not a step by step recipe since it’s so easy to put together a bowl of bibimbap. instead, i’ve suggested some of my favourite meat, mushroom and vegetable toppings. link in profile!

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