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The weekend is near! 💪🏻

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Finally... the recipe to napa cabbage kimchi (korean fermented vegetable) is up on the blog! link is in my profile. writing the post makes me want to make kimchi again soon. hope you find the recipe useful! 😊

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My stomach is growling... cold weather makes you hungry! • some toast and coffee from corner house bali, a beautiful cafe that we stopped by during team trip with @foolproof_ux last year.

5 days ago comment 16 star 1,001

Last year, friends from instagram came to singapore for a visit and i brought them on a food tour to introduce some of singapore’s iconic dishes. view our stories on @instagram! many thanks to instagram for the opportunity to share a singapore story to the world! ❤️

1 weeks ago comment 48 star 1,597

It’s lunch time! the craziest bowl i’ve made - salmon, cherry tomatoes, avocado, sunny side-up over soba. 🍣🍅🥑🍳🍜

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The weather is beautiful these days.

2 weeks ago comment 7 star 556

Soba in dashi stock with soy sauce chicken. ❤️

3 weeks ago comment 3 star 594

Happy new year to you! • my 2017 resolution was to learn to relax and haha i think i’m pretty good at it now. i’ve shared some rituals i’ve followed in the past year that helped me feel refreshed and ready for the day. it’s on the blog and the link is in my profile. have a great 2018 everyone! ✨

3 weeks ago comment 7 star 328

Spending the last day of 2017 visiting some farms and escaping from the hustle and bustle with @rachmloh. this nasi lemak was from bollywood veggies and i believe the vegetables here were grown by them. 💚

3 weeks ago comment 4 star 316

Brunch and shopping date with stylomum yesterday! do spend some one to one time with your parents, it’s really really precious and fulfilling! ✨

4 weeks ago comment 8 star 441

Merry christmas everyone! 🎄✨

4 weeks ago comment 3 star 242

Baked spicy chicken tacos with guacamole recipe up on the blog! link in profile. 🥑🥑🥑 • oh my it was so painful writing the post because my stomach kept growling. one of the best dishes i’ve cooked and i recommend it for end-of-year parties if you’re planning on hosting! it’s simple, quick and clean (yes, minimal kitchen mess) - suitable if you’re cooking for a crazy large group of people. have fun cooking and eating! 💖

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Craving for a good cup of coffee now...

4 weeks ago comment 5 star 231

Finally got my avocado! my dad snagged them for us, 5 for $4! the auntie in me is screaming hahaha. 🥑 🥑🥑

5 weeks ago comment 4 star 317

Cafés in kyoto up on the blog! featuring d47 shokudo by d&department, kurasu coffee and % arabica. • link in profile. request desktop site if viewing on mobile. ☕️

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Felt like i stepped into a sci-fi film set. goodbye hong kong!

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香港,你好靚呀! hong kong, you’re so beautiful!

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Books in hong kong. eslite, you’re next. ✨

last month comment 2 star 155

Tokyo cafés post up on the blog! these were taken at bear pond espresso. i think the guy in the second picture approves. • link in profile. request for desktop version if you’re viewing on your mobile device.

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Baked salmon, boiled vegetables topped with japanese curry. ✨

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