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A comforting bowl of noodles with ‘drunken chicken’ and classic hk milk tea for lunch yesterday. such a simple and homely meal that feels so warm in rainy hk. 💓

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Tallinn. ✨

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Wasn’t following a recipe, whipped this up at 7.30am with a half-functioning brain but plentiful fridge. roasted miso chicken on top of green peas, pumpkin and white mushrooms. it wasn’t too bad. 👍🏻

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Finally updated the blog with some pictures taken in tallinn’s old town. link in profile! ✨

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Today’s lunch. just threw everything in the oven. but i think i was a little too greedy and it looks quite messy as a dish haha.

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Therapy amongst nature. 💚✨

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Just tried @dokijuice’s blueberry and açai berry instant superfood drink and i love it! especially love the little bits of blueberry that you can chew on. it comes in a purée pouch and you just have to add water and ice to prepare a healthy and flavourful cup of juice. such a great alternative if you’re craving for a chilled drink. ✨

view more flavours of the instant superfood juices in my stories! they sent the prettiest pr box i’ve ever received!

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5.53 am in maldives. ⛅️

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I'm lucky to have travelled quite a bit this year for work and i love bringing my favourite skincare with me to pamper myself after a long day. this caudalie beauty elixir was recommended by rosie huntington-whiteley as a must-have facial mist during travels and i love the light tingling sensation you feel on the skin and the fresh minty scent. it's a great way to feel hydrated and refreshed after a long flight. next, more hydration products and my favourite sunscreen ever by laneige! the water sleeping mask is a go-to for quick and deep hydration and this is my everyday sunscreen because i love the formula and light scent - it doesn't feel sticky and you'll almost forget that you're wearing a layer of sunscreen minutes after applying.

if you'd like to try these products or replenish your stocks, lucky you because #ishopchangi, the online duty-free store of @changiairport, will be running a mega beauty fair to celebrate shilla duty free’s 4th birthday from now till 14 oct! if you are travelling soon, use the code 18shillafour to earn yourself an extra 10% off a minimum spend of $250, on top of the already tax-free prices on beauty products retailed by shilla. remember to add this on your travel to-do list every time you fly! 💙 #sp

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Team trip location this year is maldives!! it’s unbelievable! we just came back from snorkeling, spotting dolphins and having lunch on a sandbank in the middle of the indian ocean. had so much fun and laughter with the best team ever. 💙 #foolproof #foolproofsg -
📸 @ziqqsayshello

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Finally dropped by mother dough and i’m definitely going back again. 💓

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Thanks to the few who sent words of encouragement after seeing my recent instagram stories. 💙
“today is your day to let go of things that no longer serve you.” - katrina mayer

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