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A look into the supplements i use. this is not sponsored. just want to share what i faithfully use with you guys. i have like 75% of the "stacked protein" powder flavors @evlsports offer. i don't use them for protein shakes, but i do throw a scoop into a lot of my foods. i also bake different desserts with them. the "bcaa lean energy" i use for added energy during my workouts and for recovery after my workouts. it also helps burn f*t , which is what geared me towards it.πŸ˜‚ the "engn shred" is a pre workout i take 30 mins before my workout and the s**t keeps me so focused to power through cardio. i could literally run to china with no problem on that pre workout. it also uses your stored f*t for energy. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ for f*t burners, i faithfully used "leanmode" , but my body got use to it unfortunately, so i decided to try the "cla1000" due to the amazing reviews online. we'll see if i like it as much as i liked "leanmode". they always have affordable deals on @bodybuildingcom , so i suggest you guys try them out. remember, supplements don't make you big. you train to be big. get that thought out of your head ! πŸ’— xo

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I don't really have a very interesting life to post much on ig. lol here's a photo of my freshly washed hair & my favorite oversized robe i'm in everyday. πŸ˜‚

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I'm so grateful to be surrounded by friends who have goals and ambitions. everyone please go follow & support my good friends ep coming out march 23 ! @kamzei #hightalks #kamzei #whoiskamzei #ep

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Family πŸ’— happy birthday, grandma & efrain!

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If looks could k**l ..

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I did a mini makeup tutorial on my #snapchat ! i'm more active there. go check out how i created this look to just sit in the house lol πŸ‘»stephybbyxx3

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3am dates by my lonesome. what song would you like me to play on my bones while i put "meat" on them. l***o dique models don't eatπŸ˜‚ yeah, ok πŸ” that grand mac wasn't enough for me. i was still hungry after. 😐 all them empty calories. i'm so use to eating whole foods that anything less doesn't fill me. try again , mcdonald's. lol

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It was too cold to wear this shirt today. lol

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When it becomes 70° & the clothes randomly get shorter out of nowhereπŸ‘€ lol

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Nom nom nom .πŸ˜› what are you eating today ? i ordered food from @ubereats nj & sprinkled @baresnacks over for a hint of sweetness. πŸ‘… #baresnacks #barebite #ubereats #sponsored

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Shmood ⚜️

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Crappy quality gym selfie ✌

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Any day is a fabulous day to stroll in my @greatsbrand "royale" sneakersπŸ’πŸ» #greatsbrand #beoneofthegreats #transisbeautiful #sneakerfreaker #centralpark

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But why didn't i think this picture was pretty when i took it 5 months ago?πŸ€” i was beat for the gawds on my birthday πŸ˜‚

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After a long day , you know i have to turn to my new fav @baresnacks! with only simple ingredients, you'll sure get your chip satisfaction without the guilt. there's so many flavors to choose from!! all my favorites, too! banana, coconut & apple! btw they're gluten free, not cooked in oil, dairy free, free of preservatives, nut free &  a great source of fiber!! a fabulous alternative to those chips you cant eat in order to stay within your measurements! #baresnacks #barebite #sponsored

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Haven't posted a selfie in a while. good afternoon, everyone! πŸ’–

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Yesterday was #frozenyogurt day! aka my cheat meal day.. or should i say cheat snack? πŸ˜‚ did you go out to get your free frozen yogurt at @yogurtlandinc ? i did!! yum ❀🍨

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An industry insider told me that i shouldn't post this photo because it'll hinder my chances of becoming signed, but i have still yet to be signed, so here's your wednesday inspiration.. you can achieve anything in life if you want it bad enough. i achieved two things. i transitioned into a female and i lost over 80 lbs.. i didn't let anyone's views or opinions overshadow my happiness. i'd rather be happy than be depressed. how about you? xo πŸ’‹ #weightloss #model #transisbeautiful #inspiration

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All these clothes and i'd rather be in lingerie..

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