Spanish Mike NY-LA Capturing The Moment - 10,000 dollar SMTV bet episode👇🏼 https://youtu.be/ORgbl8dlFtA
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Congrats to my 🇨🇦 brotha @_wadedesarmo on joining the @primitiveskate team i wouldn’t want to have any other way!🙌🏽📸 @oliverbarton

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One thing that we took away from this past weekend was that @heathmoe kept preaching about taking extreme ownership on your mistakes... looks i am not the one to blame😂😂 sorry @trentmcclung

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Gotta pay to play when you out here @spottampa pro contest... @blakeular it’s all love bro! 😂😢🎥 @tylersmolinski

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What i call capturing the moment but i am pretty sure you guys can create a caption 🤔 📸 @oliverbarton

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Today is the biggest holiday for me and that is celebrating my pops birthday today... i would not be the man i am today without you. i am forever grateful for your guidance and sense of humor.... and also to never give up even when it gets tough. love you forever pops🙌🏽cheers to another year my friend 🍻

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Br🔵ski [|]

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Happy birthday to the big bro @capitob 💨 enjoy your day today

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Happy valentine’s day ❤️ this is a real true love & hate relationship🤪📹 @kevperez

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2016 nyc summers @yosefratleff @_diegonajera 🗽

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Glad we got to connect up @wafiaaa can’t wait to see what the future has in stored for you🙌🏽

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Today is the day @primitiveskate x @majidjordan jacket available at the la show and link in their bio. i am truly thankful on how this came out and came together thank you @drexjancar @majmaskati @jordanullman @allllisonlee @yosefratleff @kevperez @parriswalker_ @heathmoe @prod84 @nathanlegiehn.... pushing the culture forward!🙌🏽

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Today marks a whole year @_diegonajera went pro for @primitiveskate. i always get sentimental because i am proud of my friends and their accomplishments... anyway this was one of the first times diego went skating with the crew to film for his introduction part. the reason i showed you both switch frontside flips is because diego wasn’t hype on how the first one came out and it shows in his skating how determined he is and doesn’t take any half a*s tricks. 🙌🏽 #diegonajera #primitiveskate

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Rooftop views with my brother @kevperez you came along way 🙌🏽proud of you!📸 @yosefratleff

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When you help out @rachel_metz move a few cabinets but catch a second to do the bubble dance 😂🎥 @prod84

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