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Beauty & the beast👑 oops.. i’m still posting videos too late 🙊 if you guys have any disney related trivia questions, comment down for others to answer!! 😯 ((i’ll answer some too))

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Today’s slime restock list (restock time: 8:00pm cst)
⭐️=new slimes!
-duck in a pond clear
-gummy shark⭐️
-candy crush clear
-cherry bubble clear
-coke sherbet -cotton bubble clear⭐️
-yakult sherbet
-beauty and the beast clear
-berry b benson clear
-pegasus’s egg clear⭐️
-frozen lemonade
-sugar cookie frosting butter
-sugar cookie fluff cloud
-sprite slush slushy
-too citrus slushy
-carl & ellie clear
-candy land cloud
-emerald fishbowl
-easter egg hunt cloud⭐️
-fruit punch fishbowl
-magic kingdom cloud
-dragonfruit jelly cube bites -mooshroom clear -choco mousse butter -dragonfruit slushy
-clair de lune fishbowl
-mountain berry bites
-ohana clear

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Magic kingdom🐭 i wanted to try out a new angle for my big batches... let me know what you guys think!! 💭 i’m still keeping my original setup but i wanted a better angle just for big slime batches to showcase the slime better😯 :-d (the angle was definitely inspired by @slimeobsidian + @slime_og ’s big batch videos because their batch videos are so satisfying too :)) q: if you could be a disney character, who would you be & why?👸🏻🤴🏼🦹🏽‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏻‍♀️

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The first avenger💫 (i know captain america isn’t actually the first avenger- it’s just based off the movie title) can’t wait for end game to come out..😦 i’m watching it at 12:00am on friday when it comes out, & again the next day..😎 who’s excited for end game???😈

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Gummy shark🦈 (100% inspo to @slimecityb_ !!) would you rather swim with great white sharks or dolphins? (if none of them hurts you)..🏊‍♀️ + this new slime has a new translucent thick but clicky base i’ve created to look like a “gummy” texture😯 :-d will be in my upcoming restock!!

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Singularity🖤✨ this slime is so gorgeous.. i made this slime into a metallic slime last time but i’ve decided to switch it up and create it into a clear slime!!💜 what is your favorite music genre? 🎶 🎧

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Rock candy🍬 this slime was pain to my hands 😭 i’m never going to use these beads to make crunchy slimes because they hurt so much..🥵 rant about anything in the comments below!!😤

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Today’s slime restock list (restock time: 8:00pm cst)
⭐️=new slimes!
-pineapple refresher clear⭐️
-sweet tooth cloud⭐️
-dark chocolate melt⭐️
-yogurt sherbet⭐️
-mooshroom clear
-carl & ellie clear
-sweet pea cloud -ohana clear
-super star clear
-magic kingdom cloud
-sugar bearies clear
-choco mousse butter
-arctic grape icebreaker slushy
-deck of cards clear
-sheep in a dream clear
-shooting star cloud

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Chocolate butter cake🍫 i want to eat this. + i just walked 4 miles with my dog & he is so tired haha🐕 i have been posting late today but i’ll start posting back around my usual time (7:00pm) soon!!👌🏼 approx. how many hours do you spend on instagram everyday?? 📱

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Names?❤️ today i received one of my merch prototypes & it looks super cuteee!! :^) i hope i can release it soon.. 🤩 short caption because i have 2% 🥵

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Avalanche🏔 this video is giving me 2017 slime community nostalgia.. 🙃 + this video was so pretty & satisfying to record :-d 👍🏼 can you count how many avalanche slime videos i have done so far including this one?? 🤨

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Clay bomb💣 i used tons of colors to make this and had to roll it in my hands for about 20 mins to make it into a *decent* looking sphere😬 what is your favorite/most embarrassing childhood memory? 👶🏼

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