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Loving you was the second best thing that’s happened in my life. meeting you was the first. happy six months love. ❤️

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The car community nowadays is bunk as fuck. everybody hates on everybody. you’re build isn’t good unless you have a ls or a 2j swap, or if you don’t have hotboi 18x14 10 inch dish wheels. you gotta be on the floor and you def need to be able to 2-step as hard as the 1000 hp supra that you see on youtube. even if you had all of those things people would still be upset that you didn’t ball out and get the tires that you should’ve got. build your car the way that you want. why does everybody have to be better than everybody. why do people have to be cooler than everybody. why can’t people just express themselves for what they are. build your car the way you want to build it, but don’t hate on others because they built their car the way they did. @_k1ll1onaire_ built one of the most amazing cars in my opinion, some people absolutely hated it. @elijoe_low moves under gunfire everyday, but he still rides like he does. just stop the f*****g hate. that’s one of the main reasons i got off social media because everybody tried to be better than everybody. f**k the car community nowadays, i hate going to car meets and hear all the hate...

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Ain’t no ref but still calling these plays. 📞

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Still alive. living life. don’t care how y’all been i’m on my grind. 👏🏻

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They told me that to make her fall in love i had to make her laugh. but every time she laughs i’m the one who falls in love.. 🌹

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My pride and joy. ❤️

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A birdy is with me, i’m nervous, i’m swerving, i’m praying, i hope lord forgive me. 🐥

June 2018 comment 2 star 77

Throwback to gat$by if y’all know then you know. 🔌

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If i said f**k you i meant that.. 📸: @z32.los

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Don’t really ever talk about my family a lot, but y’all don’t know the s**t my mom went through to get me where i’m at today. i am forever grateful for such a wonderful mother. i love you. btw she doesn’t work at culver’s, she was doing an event there lmao.

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There’s so much i still want to do to this car. always unsatisfied 🙃.

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Ion post a lot because i been living life. my car doing skraight moves stay coming. but i’m just out here tryna live my best life. get off social media y’all this s**t is toxic. 📸: @priscillamo_

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