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Waiting for turkey day like....🦃 #shaggychic #sheepishaddie @cliveandbacon 📷: @casatellitakespictures

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Not just the best way, but the only way to celebrate #nationalfastfoodday in atlanta 🍑 #shaggychic #sheepishaddie 📷: @shelbyraephotographs @thevarsity1928

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A cold breeze in the air means it’s time for my winter hat to protect my hair 💁🏼‍♀️ #shaggychic #sheepishaddie 📷: @kevin.weddings

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There is nothing i love more than an adventure. the best part is being able to road trip with @thatdoodsquad, and the #toyotarav4 makes it possible with all the space for us pups, our toys, and even our humans! #sponsored @localtoyotadealers #shaggychic #sheepishaddie 📷: @shelbyraephotographs

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Don’t forget to thank a veteran for their service and sacrifices today, veterans day and the 100 year anniversary of the end of ww1 ❤️🇺🇸💙#supportourtroops #lestweforget #shaggychic #sheepishaddie @cliveandbacon 📷: @casatellitakespictures

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Oh my, this pawsome pawliday find is a must have! 🎄 these limited editions ornaments are available for purchase with @pawfectpaintings. there’s not many in stock, so make sure you act fast furriends #shaggychic #sheepishaddie📷

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Go vote! it’s your dood-y! #shaggychic #sheepishaddie 🇺🇸 📷: @shelbyraephotographs

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Personalized presents are the best, so bring your gift game to the next level with pawsome gift tags like this one from @pawfectpaintings 😍 #shaggychic #sheepishaddie

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So fresh and so clean after our spooktacular halloween 👻 #shaggychic #sheepishaddie

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We’re here for the treats and our moms are here for the boos #happyhowloween 🎃 #shaggychic #sheepishaddie 📷: @shelbyraephotographs

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She doesn’t even go here! 💁🏼‍♀️ #meangirls #shaggychic #sheepishaddie 📷: @charliegoldthedoodle

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Go where you feel most alive ✨ @stellalunacompany 📷: @doodleandthehound #shaggychic #sheepishaddie

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