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"ray of light"
antelope canyon | arizona

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"enter the dragon"
bangkok | thailand

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yoho national park | canada
- desperately in need of a wilderness escape. who wants to join?

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san diego | california
- sometimes you just gotta follow the arrow ➡️

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imperial county | california
-got to explore some gnarly places over the holiday weekend with some old and new friends. laughter and good times throughout. @huythoang @lisavatran @ryan_ristau @vickycake #5thwheeling

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banff national park | canada
- there was an intense dock standoff here.

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vermilion cliffs n. m. | arizona
- rustic red and white swirls in the american southwest.

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"bridge over untroubled waters"
bangkok | thailand
- like something out of a(n asian) fairytale. thanks to my buddies @peduhh and @bongnack for showing me around bangkok. i'm sorry i vomited on you both.

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"path to wellness"
kyoto | japan
- finally got to see this place in person. amazing to see even if it can get a bit crowded at times. thanks to my patient friend @olivej714 for clicking and helping me get this shot. still daydreaming about my trip to japan.

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"turning pointe"
mosier | oregon
- one of the most fascinating section of roadway.

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