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"baby blues"
wildflowers | california
- ok, just one more flower pic. these blue beauties are called "baby blue eyes" and offer a striking cool color against the vibrant warm colours of the other hillside wildflowers. and yup this was taken right from the main trail.

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"gettin' in my greens"
prairie creek redwoods s.p. | california
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-in honor of st patty's day

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"orange you happy to see me?"
poppies | california
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"feelin' blue"
havasupai | arizona
- needing a major getaway soon.

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"mellow yellow"
- the california hills are bursting with colour. since everyone is posting poppies photos, heres something else. someone told me these were actually a type of invasive weed. still pretty tho.

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"blood red river"
vermilion cliffs n.m. | arizona
- the colours and patterns here are astonishing. pockets of the american southwest are like another planet.

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"spilled paint"
yellowstone n.p. | wyoming
- one of the many beautiful thermal hot springs located in yellowstone. while these are beautiful to view from a distance it is forbidden to enter these pools as they are dangerous and contain a delicate ecosystem such as bacteria that gives them their coloration.

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"brave new world"
antelope canyon | arizona
-the mesmerizing colourful curves of the canyon are only broken up by light from the world above.

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banff national park | canada

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"summer colours"
yoho national park | canada
- ok winter, we good?! cus i'm done. looking forward to some warmer weather to roam aboot.

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"fire fall"
yosemite n.p. | california
-two years ago i was able to witness this spectacular natural phenomenon. when conditions are just right (enough snow during winter season, high enough temperature to melt the snow, and clear skies for the sun to shine through), the temporary waterfall, horsetail fall, lights up during sunset, making it appear to be on fire. still, this can only happen during mid to late february when the sun aligns directly across from the waterfall. looks like conditions might just be right again this year for this event to occur. you have about a two week span to go see it, starting now.

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