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How much of your wardrobe is handmade? half? a few special pieces? all of it? comment and share! ✂️ 🧵

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What does sarai look for in a basic garment? 🖤 “i look for simple or classic shapes that can be made in versatile fabrics. i also look for comfort, because that’s a big deciding factor in how often i’ll wear something.”
she sewed the #seamworkmargo skirt in this textured knit, size small.

her measurements are 37”, 27 1/2”, 38” and she is 5’4”.

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“reduce, reuse, recycle. we’ve all had that phrase pounded into our heads since childhood, but did you know that the word order of that phrase is as important as the phrase itself?”
what are your favorite sustainable sewing tips? read @sakijane’s full article in this month’s issue for some ideas 🌍 ✂️ 🧵

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New video! if you’re in between sizes, use this quick tutorial to blend sizes on a sewing pattern. head over to our youtube channel or check your email inbox for this week’s #seamworksnippets ✂️

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Which pattern hack is your favorite for the #seamworkrory top?

1. a peplum
2. shoulder slits
3. a button closure at the shoulder seams


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Haley is rocking the animal print trend 🐯 with her #seamworkeverly skirt. rawr.
she used tencel twill from @blackbirdfabrics and cut the skirt on the straight of grain, eliminating the second layer.
she made size 12 graded to a 14 at the hips. her measurements are 42", 33", 45” and she's 5’2”.

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Do you sew in a small space? we’re putting together an article about small sewing spaces! ✂️ 🧵 send us a message with a photo of your sewing area and 3 tips for working in small rooms (or corners of rooms), and maybe we’ll feature your sewing space in the fall issue of seamwork. but feel free to share your tips in the comments below so we can all tackle some small-space sewing asap 😉

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Do you ever fringe your hem? ✂️ it looks great on jeans and denim jackets 👖 check your inbox for this week’s #seamworksnippets

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Do you like a subtle ruffle? 💜add a ruffle to the hem on the #seamworkeverly skirt with this month’s member bonus. paired here with the #seamworksavannah camisole.

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Tip! ✂️ it helps to baste your zip by hand if you are using delicate fabric or sewing on the bias. but do you ever just sew your entire zipper by hand? #seamworksnippets

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Happy me-made-may! we’re celebrating the 10th year by sharing some of our favorite basics. keep an eye out here every friday so see what we made.
chelsea sewed the new #seamworkrory top and #seamworkeverly skirt. what does chelsea look for in a basic garment?
"i tend to look for basics that are quick to sew up, that way i don’t get bogged down part way through and am less likely to finish that project! obviously, comfort is super important, so i look for a basic that’s made for comfortable fabrics, or has ease in just the right spots, so i’m comfortable wearing it.”
she made a size 8 skirt, graded to a 6 at the waist, and a size 8 top shortened by 2 1/2”. her measurements are 37 1/2”, 29, 38 1/2” and she's 5’ 2”. #memademay2019

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About to cut something on the bias? don’t let a little change in grainline intimidate you! we have a new video all about sewing on the bias up on our youtube channel 🎥 link in bio. #seamworksnippets

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