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These @bornprimitive shorts were the only thing keeping me from passing out during my @hybridperformancemethod workout.
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The ultimate guide to getting comfortable being uncomfortable.
the link you're looking for is in my bio.
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There's more fun in hunting with the handicap of a bow than there is in hunting with the sureness of a gun- fred bear-

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I love you mom. happy mothers day.

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being well rounded as a strength athlete is never going to hurt you. having a moderate base of conditioning, strength in extreme ranges of motion, exceptional body awareness, and being proficient in things outside your sport of choice are only going to contribute towards your performance on the platform, longevity in the sport, and overall health in the long run.
that’s why we offer several programs at hybrid; including hybrid 101, hybrid wod, and corrective bodybuilding amongst others. we understand that you can’t lift heavy all the time - doing so is a recipe for pain and injury, and that strength is built on a broad platform of physical preparedness. maintain strength, build balance and resilience in the offseason, and change gears when time is due. you’ll body will thank you <read more about our programs by clicking the link in our bio>

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May the 4th be with you.

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