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What a day the wife and i had today @australianopen. a huge thank you to @barillaaus for looking after us with delicious pasta and great seats to see one of my heroes @rogerfederer #barillaaus #ausopen

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Daddy, hendrix wants to go for a walk ❤️

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I am always asked my thoughts on supplements. of course it all starts with quality nutrition and eating real food, but @thenaturalvitaminco source their ingredients from the garden, not the lab and that’s why i choose them. check them out @chemistwarehouseaus
#thanaturalvitaminco #fromthegardennotthelab

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Finding time for consistent workouts when you have a toddler is a serious challenge. here are my top 3 tips to help you get those workouts done more often.
for more of my tips, head to @babylovenappies

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Saving lives and picking up b***s #baywatchbaby

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Willow watching daddy @thetodayshow 😂 #homeworkouts #28bysamwood

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Safe to say someone loved their first swimming lesson 🐠 @kingswim_australia
#kingswim_australia #kingswimfamilies #watersafety #swimminglessons #kingswimsafety

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Eat you veggies and get your vitamins from the garden, not the lab @thenaturalvitaminco @chemistwarehouseaus

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I am so proud of these incredible results from my @28bysamwood program that were achieved in just 8 weeks. we have a new program starting tomorrow. it can be day one or one day.....?
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In my former role with @gecko_sports as a trainer, coach and friend to thousands of kids, i loved the impact i was able to have. seeing kids get fitter, stronger, and more skilled, with improved flexibility, better posture, greater self-esteem and improved confidence gave me so much satisfaction. here are my top 3 tips on how to get your kids active.
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My beautiful wife. so proud of how hard she worked to be the fittest and strongest she’s ever been but she’ll never be more beautiful than the photo on the left ❤️

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