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All of these amazing results are from just 8 weeks @28bysamwood
tomorrow is the start of another 8 week challenge with huge prizes, new workouts, new recipes, live workouts and coaching. click the link in my bio to join or dm me with any questions

x sam

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@eve.vict you are the best big sister. the girls first easter egg hunt ❤️

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🐰 happy easter everyone ❤️

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It may have taken a while to get the shot but we got there @whomagazine

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one of my favourite bits of equipment. save this circuit and give it a go this week: - trx rows - 20
- trx push-ups - 10
- trx squat jumps - 20
- trx pistol squats - 10 each leg
- trx floor push-up/knee tuck -10

repeat 5 rounds

#mondaymoves #trx #suspensiontraining

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Port douglas you’ve been amazing.
see you next time 🍑 🍑

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❤️ inseparable ❤️

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Tag a friend that loves the buffet.
russian roulette with willow every morning 🤯😂 @sheratongrandportdouglas

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Beautiful date night @nautilusportdouglas
@snezanawood 26 weeks and 5 courses down, glowing as always❤️

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What a morning @wildlifehabitat
willow and eve can’t stop talking about it. in fact koala and crocodile are the only 2 words willow has said for the last hour.
@portdouglasuncovered thank you for this beautiful experience ❤️

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Every morning back in melbourne i take willow to our favourite park and we spend 15 minutes pretending to skipper a wooden boat. today aboard @ladydouglasrivercruise this was made a reality and i think the look on her little face says it all ❤️ @portdouglasuncovered we love you

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Good morning world ☀️ @portdouglasuncovered

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