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Forrest and friends wishing everyone a very happy halloween!! #bubbagumpshrimp

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You know i love me some @konared cold brew coffee. great taste, clean ingredients and double the caffeine to keep me fired up. #konared #bestcoffeeonearth #paradiseinabottle #cleanenergy #konaredpartner

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Focus on point with my @bose #qc35ii. ready for chicago. #focuson #teambose #jetup

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Dark day but the future is bright... onto chicago

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When the music is blasting, alexa can still hear what i’m saying @bose home speaker 500 #teambose #bosesmart #bosepartner

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Showing josh how to milly rock on any block...he’s not impressed

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No risk. no reward. pumped to be joining the @stancesocks fam. 🧦 #stancepartner

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Always game day ready with the best coffee on earth ® @konared .
check-out my favorite cold brew and use code samd25 and receive 25% off your entire order on www.konared.com
#konared #samdarnold #bestcoffeeonearth

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This is why we play the game. ryan is a @teamnegu kid who is so smart, so cool, and so inspiring. made my day getting to talk with him for a few minutes. #negu #ryanissmarterthanme

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Raising my hands to encourage kids fighting cancer with @teamnegu to never ever give up. these kids and families need our support! thanks for the challenge tag @corymtomlinson and @joeyroberts11 #inegudoyou take the negu challenge in honor of childhood cancer awareness month! it’s fun and easy, raises 25k, and most importantly, it helps kids fighting cancer to negu!
here’s how:
1. write “i” on your right hand and “negu” on your left hand
2. take a pic
3. post on social media with the hashtag #inegudoyou 4. tag 5 friends
every picture posted a donor will donate $25 to @teamnegu ! let’s do this for the kids!
now i challenge @camusc35, @garyvee, @kyleallen_10, @joshallenqb, @joshmccown12 to show your support.

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Incredible first experience playing in front of #jetsnation thank you for the support🙌🏼

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@konared just launched single serve cups... now, i can have hot konared coffee in the morning if i don’t feel like cold brew. #kcups #coffeelife

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