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Dropping soon. #saintunbreakable

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Long straights for the weekend! #saintunbreakable

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Gear up for the weekend with 15% off at our melbourne flagship store! #saintunbreakable

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Inspired by the a-2 1944 us military flight jacket, creative lead @michaellelliott fused our unbreakable dna with the aviation icon and recruited it for right now. #saintunbreakable

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The perfect balance between technology and freedom. our new patent pending stretch denim combines fibre 5 x stronger than kevlar with elastane to create world first comfort & protection #saintunbreakable #stretchyourlimits

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Six runs, 180 meters of slide time and our unbreakable denim was just that - unbreakable. link in bio to find out more. #saintunbreakable #stretchyourlimits photos @timyeahtim stunts @doddsy888 rider @jackdwalker

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Our kind of chariot. rolla towed by harley's & unbreakable stretch denim jeans. @rollsroycecars @harleydavidson #stretchyourlimits #saintunbreakable

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Unbreakable stretch denim #stretchyourlimits #saintunbreakable

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Movement for on and off the bike, or a bit of both. #stretchyourlimits #saintunbreakable

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Our fabric evolutions come from the harshest of testing to provide you with a world first guardian angel when things go random. @doddsy888 going at it with the blue metal stone road. #saintunbreakable #stretchyourlimits

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4.1 seconds slide time. 180 degree movement. all day wearable. unbreakable stretch #saintunbreakable #stretchyourlimits

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Stretch your limits. new stretch denim available now. #saintunbreakable #stretchyourlimits

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Introducing our best denim yet. unbreakable stretch. link in bio #stretchyourlimits #saintunbreakable

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Our best denim yet. stay tuned. #saintunbreakable

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Cutting edge #saintunbreakable

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Wingspan with @jackdwalker. check out our new flight jackets via link in bio #saintunbreakable

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@thewokenco lining up a straight with our unbreakable denim stacking the odds in his favour #saintunbreakable

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Our new flight jackets are about to land - get in quick with preorder - link in bio #saintunbreakable

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Our worlds strongest denim jacket is back in stock ready for the weekend #saintunbreakable

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