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Mauruuru mo’orea

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Postcard from tahiti

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I guess i could live here but the office isn’t available via netflix in french polynesia and honestly that’s a deal breaker for me.

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I’m sorry i keep posting whenever i have wifi. i’m just having a great time! 📷 @wha4

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Ia orana

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The ocean has given us so much. so today we gave back. a big reason i wanted to come to mo’orea was so we could participate in the @coralgardeners movement. today, we adopted a fragment of coral, named it, and transplanted it into a threatened area of the reef - where the transplanted coral will grow and provide life for many species. i named my coral - mākuahine (mother in ‘Ōlelo hawai’i) - because a healthy coral reef is kind of like our mama, without them, we would never have our first breath.
you don’t have to come all the way to mo’orea to be apart of the @coralgardeners movement. head to their website to adopt your own coral and they will plant it for you! much aloha to the @coralgardeners ‘ohana and @tauaro.cg for hosting us today. see you in hawai’i!

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Huge shoutout to god for dis. you da man! 📷 @wha4

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Rented our own boat for the afternoon🤗 📷 @wha4

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Honestly, mo’orea makes me kinda sad. their ocean is flourishing with an abundance of wildlife and healthy coral and it makes me think how hawai’i and other places around the globe can have oceans that look like this if we just took care of it. granted some of the reef here is dying as well, there are heaps of activists doing everything they can to save it. but i have honestly never seen so much color under the sea and that is alarming to me. we need to do better to protect our oceans.

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Swipe to watch me thoroughly enjoy a local grapefruit! 📷 @wha4

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