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i never used wide-angled lenses in my life. but since i have the new #galaxys10+ i find the built-in fisheye lens perfect for my smartphone photography! especially when i shoot for stories.
i've shot the 1st picture in stockholm's subway and the 2d inside an abandoned church on cyprus. what's you opinion - is the usage of wide-angle lens justified in both cases?
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which @amandachrishelofficial do you prefer: dreamy (1) or sexy (2)?

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Do you prefer tunnel of love in summer (1) or fall (2)?

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Black sand of tenerife vs white rocks of cyprus.
which one do you prefer? post 1 vs 2 in comments!

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Some of you were wondering what were i doing in cyprus. the answer is here - i did an editorial shoot for a magazine together with @kaistuht. something unusual for me, but since i love portraits and people photography, not much of a challenge.

rosemary here wasn't even a model - she came as a hair stylist to our shoot, but i loved her look and we shot with her too. can you imagine she is a football pro and played in the premiere league in kenya?! ps all pictures shot on my #nikonz6 mirorrless camera (* werbung wegen markennennung)

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I've managed to drone before the weather turned into a hurricane😂
love these white cliffs near limassol!
У вас вся...спина белая!
#cyprus #кипр

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Fill in the box
a few days in cyprus were quite intense. waking up early, shooting all day in sun and wind, getting my 3:50 am flight delayed for 12 hours - i need a holiday from all these:) this weird mixture of a beach and construction site would do😂
#samsungsnapshooter #withgalaxy
#galaxys10+ #teamgalaxy #samsungdeutschland

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My soul is as open as the sky 
often time it's just as blue 
people tell me to keep on dreaming 
that's just what i'm gonna do … (c)

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Many people tell me - "you are so lucky, your life is a constant holiday". little they know, after most of my work trips, even if it is the most beautiful destination - i need another holiday to come down. well, our recent trip to stockholm was exactly the kind of holiday i was longing for. best travel partner, sunny nordic capital, yummy köttbullar, an interesting book - what else one can wish for?
seriously - tell me what do you wish for at this particular moment?

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A study in scarlet
Этюд в багровых тонах

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So as i've announced already, i am in stockholm for a short holiday. the weather is perfect, the hotel @stallmastaregarden we stayed for the first days was perfect (totally #accidentallywesanderson, check the 2d pic), the city is as great and as expensive as i remember.

the best thing in comparison to berlin is that you can pay with card everywhere. moreover, some places do not even take cash! what do you think about it? cash or card?
#whpgoingplaces *werbung weil markennennung

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Werbung/ad @away
tomorrow i am flying off to a short holiday to one of the nordic capitals. can you guess which one?
since it is just a weekend trip, i am bringing only the weekender bag with me - i finally learned how to travel with a carry-on only.
are you a light traveler or you tend to overpack?

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