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Since i am reading the last murakami book now, here is a series of unpublished portraits from japan.
i am breaking the rules a bit and trying to get out of my instagram comfort zone. most of you know that my street/portrait/documentary work is mostly on @alina.rudya but i guess as a travel photographer i have to show more aspects of a trip/country than just the obviously pretty sights.

again, vote for your favorite picture 1-5 in the comments.

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After spending almost a week in grey berlin, i couldn't resist but post this summer picture from our trip to belle-ile in brittany, france.
i've spend some days here as a teenager, so it was really inspiring and nostalgic to come back as an adult - and finally visit the needles of port coton - the beautiful rock formations, painted by various artists, most famously by claude monet.

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Looks like i will be posting more picture series from now on. which one is your favorite? choose 1-5 in the comments.

on our recent roadtrip in california, we've managed to stay in the wonderful little town of idyllwild for 3 nights. the holiday apartment we've rented was picture perfect,especially the evening light and the fact that deers and squirrels came to greet us in the morning.
so yeah, i guess a perfect entry for the #whpinspiredby
ps grumpy faces because we didn't want to leave!😂

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*werbung/ @nikondeutschland
which picture is your favorite? write number 1 to 5 in comments.
#nikonz7 #nikonfotograf #nikondeutschland

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So you know it - nothing in this picture is staged. we had some amazing camp sites during our trip to namibia last (already!) year and this one is my number one favorite, even though a bit spooky - sleeping in a tent in a secluded campsite with no other people around and wind howling above you...

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Currently on the way to my favorite city in the whole world - new york, i am reminiscenting of the most memorable moments of 2018.
some places are meant to be on a real traveler's bucket list. deadvlei in namibia was one of mine.
i am hoping to cross some other dream destinations off my travel map, including new zealand, chile and the philippines in 2019. what about you? do you have any dream destinations?

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Have you followed the recent claas relotius spiegel scandal? for those who know nothing - a german star journalist faked his reports from various hot spots in the world for years, winning prizes and even becoming a cnn journalist of the year! and noone ever noticed that his articles were too good to be true! until now.
made me think. i have an ma in journalism but i never pursued a career in it, because i always thought that investigating journalism was the only thing i'd do but also that it would be something seriously dangerous and with an enormous amount of luck required. as a multi-language speaker i kept noticing inconsistencies in npr-programs as well as other radio and tv stations from russia and ukraine,where a slightly different translation created a totally different story.
so can we really believe everything journalists tell us?or can we believe magazines whose fact-checkers cannot even use google properly?
and when it comes to pictures - call me a sceptic, but if the picture is too good to be true, it probably is. even steve mccurry staged and photoshopped it as we know it now.

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Lost in the maze.
are you ready for the holiday season? got all the presents wrapped?

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I miss flying my drone. hope to get to a new cool location with great geometry and colors sometime soon.
which place would you like to see drone shots of?

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Throwback to the beautiful and peaceful evening on the shores of the dead sea in jordan.

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Lost in the maze.
have you ever been in one of the arizona's slot canyons? i've visited the canyon x this time - no people, all for ourselves for an hour. how great that some places can be still seen like this.

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Baby, it's cold outside.
do you like winter?

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