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Cannot let go of these warm summer days.
i am going to a very colorful travel destination. can you guess which one? hint:if you're into architecture or minimalism you've stumbled upon it

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What is unusual about this picture? the first person who notices, gets a shout -out in stories;)
i love color coordinating my photos.
when we decided to go to burano for the #nikonz7 shoot i've had all the possible color variations for my pictures. i even styled the model with my own outfits,so that the image in my head coincided with the scenes i photographed.
not to mention that my own outfit was on point:) my mom always complains about absence of me in my pictures, so here you go,mom. me on a break.

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I finally got to come back to this place with a bigger drone:) and flew a bit higher to capture even more color craziness of this apartment blocks on kyiv's left river bank.

which one you'll pick?

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I was tempted to remove that garbage bin in photoshop,but thought that it ads more brutality to the already brutalistic door of the kyiv crematorium.

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Miller's daughter.
Мельника дочка

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I love unusual portrait settings, so i am glad that @alinaruda was up to doing something crazy for this shot. and yeah,don't try looking at it upside down - gravity never makes one look better🤣
@instagram #whpunusualportraits

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A few days ago i flew to venice, just to not see venice. i spend a day at the colorful island of burano,with its toy-houses, shooting with the new #nikonz7 mirorrless camera. you'll see more pictures pretty soon, meanwhile here is the first glimpse of this joyful place.

and have you ever not see venice while in venice?

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So we are fiddling with the idea of going back to the west coast in november. i missed some great places in arizona and california last time i visited, what do you think? should i revisit or should i rather have a chill beach all-included holiday i've never had in a place i've never visited?

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Brothers grimm mood from ukraine.
tonight i have a late flight to a new destination. can you guess where to? hint: there are lots of boats there:)

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I am leaving lviv tomorrow only to hop cities and countries again! quick stop in berlin to check on @krzwl 😘 and then off to new meetings, people and places.
can't wait to go on a holiday in the end of october!

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4000 km on namibian mostly gravel roads,a few super low-gear rides up the rocky hills, extreme narrow parking spots and not a scratch - i can call myself an experienced 4×4 driver after our namibia trip with @helinbereket this march.
can you call yourself a good driver?

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How my life feels right now:) this is the longest i've been away from my berlin home for a while. almost a month traveling around ukraine, working on several projects. getting a bit home-sick:) even though i am at my other home.
#whpmotion @instagram

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