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Happy weekend everyone.
here are some colors into your feeds:)
have some cool ideas for new drone shots in ukraine, are you looking forward to?

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What is feminism for you?

it is funny, that whenever i express my opinions in the west, people often tell me "ah,you are more traditional and conservative since you are from a post-soviet country". while when i am in ukraine, my friends tell me "ah, you and your feminist western ideas". i realised that understanding of female rights, equality and gender/sex issues are different in the western europe and in ukraine. in my home country females professionally for a long time were in the same boat as men. look at the soviet movies: "3+2" (1963) about adventures of 2 women and 3 guys,where one woman is a lion trainer, another is "sluzhebny roman" (1977)- about a female boss who falls for her male employee, "moscow doesn't believe in tears" (1979)- a self-made woman who becomes a head of the factory despite starting low. and none of these movies depisted the issues of women getting the jobs they landed as a miracle or focused on their professional abilities beacause they were women - not at all. they did struggle, but for other reasons:) nowadays most women in ukraine i know have great jobs, but also want to be pretty and feminine and taken care of. i started thinking that in comparison to the western females, who lived in a quite conservative unequal world deep into the 80s and 90s, dependant financially on a man to survive, the post-soviets had all the equality in the work place. and maybe they didn't like it so much...or they just want to be equal but still...different?
i always though that feminism is about having a choice. choice to have a job you want,choice to be a stay-at-home mom if you want, choice in private life and in your profession. some of my friends in ukraine tell me that they want a guy to take care of important issues in life, while actually being the biggest bosses of their own lifes and others. so maybe acknowledging our differences as women and men is something we should go for, instead of pretending they don't exist? because as far as i know equality is not the same thing as similarity. equality stands for opportunities, but not for ignoring our strengths and weaknesses.

what do you think? discuss.

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🇬🇧🇺🇦i was hesitating to post this,since it is not something about traveling, but the energy of the shots i did recently with these two is so powerful and so uplifting!
also finally some people, who don't mind being photographed😅
На днях гуляла разом зі цією прекрасною парочкою @svyatboyko та @grace_misery і тепер не можу не викласти результатів:) Зайдіть на їх сторінки - там є ще чудові кадри. ❤🇺🇦

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I should start a hashtag #alinachillingonabodyofwater;) here is one from a few weeks ago with @tonistadlr and his floaty. again,sorry it was not a pink flamingo. we are in berlin,duh.
where else do you want to see me chill on a body of water? i'd pick salar de uyuni in bolivia, pamukkale in turkey, lake hillier in australia, lake moraine in canada and to sua ocean trench in samoa.

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Monopoly or lego?
Приклад соціального житла в Намібії.

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Yesterday i came from a wonderful trip around europe and tomorrow i am off to a new destination.

meanwhile here is a house of a hermit from brittany,france. would you live in such a secluded hut between the rocks?
#galaxys9+ #withgalaxy #samsungsnapshooter #dowhatyoucant

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If ansel adams had owned my #galaxys9+ he wouldn't have needed to drag that heavy large format camera around;)
as you know i prefer not to shoot purely landscape photos, but this place blew my mind. the rainbow waters of the karersee in the combination of the setting sun over the dolomiti - i was speechless.
by the way, here i used the panorama mode of my galaxy's camera - and did a vertical panorama to get even better resolution and quality. -ad
Як вам така краса з Південного Тіролю?
#withgalaxy #dowhatyoucant

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As a photographer, if i have a particular shot in my head,it is hard to talk me out of it.
i prefer not to be a model in my own pictures, but jan refused to put on this colorful swimsuit, so here we go;) excuse me for the noticable absence of pink flamingo floaty or sharks in this shot - after all we are in bavaria at the moment. all we had were couple of scared ducks and trouts.

shot with #galaxys9+ (from a bridge if you wonder how)-ad

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Our very first stop on the road to france was in amsterdam. i love this city, but somehow never end up staying longer than 1 day. which house would you live in?
don't they look like a vintage version of the nyc buildings from a few photos ago? no wonder new york was first called new amsterdam. - ad

shot with #galaxys9+

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The past few weeks i was traveling around france and (a bit of) italy, netherlands and belgium - together with my #galaxys9+ and sponsored by my long-term partner @samsungmobile_de.
this picture is an example of great timing and exceeded expectations. i wanted to see the glorious mont saint-michel across the bay at tide, so we drove all the way to only be disappointed by the rain🌧 and overall greyness. quite frustrated we've made a small picnic and after a while this happened. and there was a rainbow too🌈. great things truly come to those who wait! - anzeige/ad

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i love spontaneous trips, as you might know already, and one of my favorite spontaneous destinations is mallorca.

from berlin you can fly to palma as cheap as 20 euros round-trip - the only thing you should care in this case is a hotel!
last moment can get pricey,so why not enjoy a great deal?

follow the link in my bio to get a nice 25 euros off your next stay over @bookingcom
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🇬🇧🇺🇦we found a private beach for only two of us! is that not a dream?

i am not a fan of sharing my private life on social media but here is a little glimpse - i am glad to have my best friend for my partner. i think any successful long term relationship should first be based on a deep friendship. passion is superficial,while love needs a strong base to be built on.
i am not alone in my thoughts, it was nietzsche who said:"it is not a lack of love, but lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages". do you agree with these words? share your thoughts below.
#whpbestfriends @instagram
Не люблю ділитися особистим, але сьогодні зроблю виняток. Я вважаю, що довготривалі щасливі відносини мають будуватися в першу чергу на дружбі. Щоб збудувати любов, потрібний міцний фундамент, а пристрасть та закоханість - занадто поверхові, щоб витримати випробування часом та проблемами. Я до речі не одна, хто так думає - ще Ніцще сказав- "не брак любові, а брак дружби робить подружжя нещасливими". Навіть українською мовою слово "подружжя" має "друг" в основі:) А ви як думаєте?

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