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Roxi D'Lite Miss Exotic World. Voted #1 Burlesque Figure in the world. Showgirl | Circus | Influencer |Photographer | Bookings: [email protected] USA / CANADA http://www.facebook.com/roxidlite_fanpage
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Nothing says opulence like a black & gold gala, get ready for a night full of elegance and seduction on board @desireresorts barcelona-rome cruise http://dsre.me/oqedj #desire #desireresorts #couplesonly #clothingoptional

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If you missed me at @dirtyshowdetroit last weekend good news is i’ll be back again! i’ll be performing two newest creations shebari in the 9:30pm set and the very last act of the night around midnight. showtimes subject to change as the show usually runs late so be sure to keep an eye out. i’ll be walking around selling prints before and between acts so be sure to say hello and get yourself a signed print! photo by the incredible @neilnezkendall #dirtyshow #dirtyshow19 #dirtyshowdetroit #roxidlite

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“a lady wears pearls and pours her husbands coffee”. redefining “ladylike” during the debut of encrust we trust at @dirtyshowdetroit see it again this friday and saturday at the russel industrial center in detroit. photo: @jrthephotoguy #dirtydetroit #roxidlite #burlesque #encrustwetrust #dirtyshow19 #detroit #thedirtyshow #dirtyshow19

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Charlie champagne and his perfect pours 💕 getting very messy last weekend performing encrust we trust! at @dirtyshowdetroit if you missed me last weekend no worries i’ll be back this friday and saturday performing and walking around selling prints. be sure to say hi! photo: @jrthephotoguy jewels: @fiercejewels_official #roxidlite #dirtydetroit #thedirtyshow #dirtyshow19 #encrustwetrust #champagne #messy #burlesque #performanceart #striptease

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I was all tied up last weekend debuting my newest act shebari at @dirtyshowdetroit it was fun to re-vamp two acts that i’ve performed many times over the years in gentleman’s clubs. it was a refreshing change for me. if you missed it last weekend you have a chance to see it again this weekend at @dirtyshowdetroit . photo by @jrthephotoguy #dirtyshow #thedirtyhow #detroit #dirtydetroit #eroticart #shebari #shibari #fetish #fetishperformer #performanceart #roxidlite

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My dreamy moonlight cyrenade costume by the oh so talented @manugeettoi #manugeettoi #manugedecade #roxidlite #princess #dreamy #moonlightcyrenade #stars #pretty

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Book your sensual getaway to @desireresorts before february 26th (my birthday) and enjoy the 3rd night free on me! http://dsre.me/z97sj #desireresorts #desire #clothingoptional #couplesonly #couplesgoals #couples #vacation #roxidlite

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Don’t miss the debut of my newest act encrust we trust tomorrow and saturday night at @dirtyshowdetroit last act in the 11:30 set. #dirtyshow #encrustwetrust #roxidlite

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I’ve been a supporter and huge fan of costumier extraordinaire christina manuge. it’s been 10 years since we’ve been working together. a decade people! i’m so proud of her and how far she’s come. congratulations @manugeettoi for always pushing yourself with your incredibly intricate creations. #manugeettoi #manugedecade #10thanniversary #roxidlite

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It’s that time of year again! let’s get dirty! @dirtyshowdetroit kicks off this weekend! i’ve been working on something new just for dirty show, hope you dig it detroit. i’ll be walking around selling and signing prints and causing general mischief, be sure to say hello! #detroit #dirtydetroit #detroitdirtyshow #roxidlite #fetish #fetishperformer #performanceart

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One of my first costume collaborations with @manugeettoi this costume is from my smokin’ cigar routine that won me a little title as queen of burlesque miss exotic workd 2010. it’s been a decade now that christina has been designing and making incredible burlesque costumes and killing it! #manugeettoi #manugedecade #congratulations #burlesque #costumier #roxidlite #smokincigar

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Excited to announce i’ll be appearing at the @viennaboylesquefestival may 30 & 31st! boy i’m excited! thank you so much @jacques_patriaque #boylesque #boyohboy #vienna #festival #burlesque

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Fun fan art by alxdnt i found on twitter. it’s always a fun surprise when i see a selfie turned into art. if you know me you know i find taking selfies to be super lame and really embarrassing if i get caught taking them. i do it because well, a girls gotta have content, but i’d much rather put together a proper shoot in the studio but that takes so much time and it’s unrealistic for how many images i need each week. anyways, it’s art like this that makes selfies worth it. thank you alxdnt i love it! if you have any art inspired by yours truly i’d love to see and share it #fanart #selfieart #roxidlite #portrait #digitalart #art

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I'm a bit speechless, this project turned out better than i could have ever dreamed. this was such a fun collaboration between lovers and friends. this beautifully opulent set was designed by my oh so dapper darling, dante wildern. he told me this set was inspired by his love for me 😍 (not sorry for the mush) he's such a romantic and i love that about him. dante always blows my mind with his many incredible talents, but this set has me feeling like i'm living in a dream. thank you for this wonderful gift @danteinfernal . i love you so much! the absolutely gorgeous lighting is by the gorgifier himself, our dear friend @carsonculture . brett came and hung out for three days, we cooked, drank whiskey, smoked laughed and played on this set all weekend. thank you for being part of this with us chicken! we had so much fun with you and you lit this set on fire.... literally. if you would like to play in this set, photoshoot packages are available through march. more info to follow. send me a message if you're interested in booking a session for yourself, your lover or as a couple like pictured here! email roxidlite@gmail.com #mybloodyvalentine #valentinesday #bleedinghearts #lovers #roxidlitephotography #dantewildern #roxidlite #love #valentinesdaygift #romance #valentine #detroit #boudoirphotographydetroit #boudoirphotography

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Sometimes i go to the original @theatre.bizarre grounds sit right here where the main stage use to be, where i performed countless shows that truly touched my soul and shaped me into the performer i am today. i close my eyes and reflect on all the debauchery and chaos that swirled around me while i was up there performing. never once feeling like i wasn't just simply performing for an audience but that the audience and the creators of this magical place were all part of this unimaginable world performing and interacting with it, for each other, for zombo, for edgar, for autumn, for the love of all hallow's eve. when i sit here i can still feel that energy and sometimes even hear the sounds of the creepy midway, the shouts of party goers, the cheers of the plastic orange mugs filled with free beer, the burst of flame throwers and smell the white fuel, wood chips and dead autumn leaves. it's bitter sweet, sometimes it's sad and the loss of the grounds still to this day feels like the equivalent of a loved one passed. ultimately i'm thankful for the friendships i made who have become found family and that we were the fortunate ones to experience it together. together. together we accomplished so much! we were part of this incredible world that i think still exists in some other dimension, i sure hope it does and i hope when i die i get to go back. the stage is long gone but zombo lives forever in our hearts! hail zombo indeed! photo by @camera_jesus skelly onesie by @mizmistygreer big a*s yellow boa by star boa. #hailzombo #theatrebizarre #queenofthecooch #roxidlite #carny #carnival

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Enjoy the ultimate lovers expirence with your special someone this valentine's day, reserve your stay at @desireresorts riviera maya. book before january 20th and get 15% off! dsre.me/ro9yv #couplesonly #desireresorts #roxidlite #agentprovocateur #lingerie #beach #beachplease #sexy #vacation #valentineday

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