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Late nights ⚡️

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Motor is ready to come out and start the new @jbr_engines n/a build this week. it’s been a long time but patience is key. i waited for all the parts arrive to start, got everything in, the spare core engine, sleeves, pistons, rods, cams, crank, manifold, throttle body, injectors, gaskets, new engine mounts ect..

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Race everything 🏁 just ran the jeep for the first time, hit low 13’s bone stock. i want more power out of this thing. what mods should i get?

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What car wash products do you use?
getting ready for the weekend with @adamspolishes ultra foam shampoo. had to get a bigger bucket because this jeep uses a lot of everything.

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Engine bay bling ✅ new 4bp reservoir covers 🏁 will be dropping this along with 6 new shirt designs and more products soon.

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Introducing our new shop banners! with a carbon fiber design, this makes a perfect setting to hang up in your garage, room or anywhere.they will launch this friday 🏁

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Upgrading the brakes on the integra, couldn’t let the srt have all the fun. i could’ve went with a big brake kit but @r1concepts kills it with these.

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My birthday’s today and i’m blessed. thank you @prbeauty for everything you do for me, i’m so happy i slid in your dm 3 years ago 😂 thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, i can’t thank you all enough for the amazing support since day 1. ahh and 1 of many gifts, a new tool box!! this is more than enough for both of us to keep building our cars together and fill up with more and new tools.

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First mod to the srt, got some @r1concepts brakes for it and i also picked up a set for my integra too. these things are huge.

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I was awakened by a loud bang, car keys & noises coming from the garage. i run and see this.... guess we are going for a drive in our cars to the beach today.

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Installed the new @4bangersproduction fuel rail today 🏁 these are very limited, you can order yours today 🏎💨

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