Reto Trying to catch the beauty of nature with my lens. Macros without harm for the animals. Berner Seeland, 🇨🇭 Adm: @macro_freaks💚 All photos by me.
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The heart that is beating in a white rose is not at all that white...

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Birth of a moskito... 3 sec later it flew away, 8 hours later it stung me in the ...🤣

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Pistill of a hosta. one of my first steps into macro photography beyond 1:1... although the dof is so shallow and therefore it is quite difficult to handle light and sharpness, there is a whole new tiny world to discover. i'm sure i'll try again!

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That pic needed a veeery slow approaching with the 35mm/reverse ring combination, as the focus lies approximately 3 cm before the camera lens... maybe the fly was as interested as me in getting this photo!

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Woven by nature...

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Purple hibiscus.

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As if i could do no harm! 🤣 be careful you pollinators!! taken with a sigma 35mm art, reverse ring.

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There is so much beauty in this tiny world...

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Experimenting with a new macro reverse ring and an old ef 24-105l.

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I wonder why they are not called hammerhead...

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Zygaena filipendulae, sechsfleck-rotwidderchen

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Gollum lost thee precious in a cruel world...anyone seen it?

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Golden nose, beautiful red eyes. if there wouldn't be the hairy part, maybe we all would love flies...

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Visitor on a water lily.

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Crab spider on a white petal. its mimicry is just phenomenal...

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Swan family. spiez, brienzersee.

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Common blues with no blues... 🙈

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Life is so much better with clean elbows...🤣

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The port of simius at night. #beautiful #sardegna #bella #italia

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