Tim Salaz Dancer, Award winning and published Photographer, Husband, Robot, working out of Las Vegas , DM me for booking a shoot . https://youtu.be/hVIjr8oMt3w
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Hell yeah @herronhats giveaway! #hats #fashion

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@poppinjohnsbk killing it on @nbcworldofdance people say “all you do is pop” ......people have no idea how far people can take this dance, well done brotha super proud. #soulbotics #wrecked2battle

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Classic from @sarahromanowsky #lyra

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Lil throwback with @jocy_bird #nativedance

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#tbt to hawaii with my beautiful wife @amanda_nannette .

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Flying thru with @_ayeden . #dancepic

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Black and white edits from day 1 @nrgdanceproject #denver

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Waves with @iglide , thanks @poppinjohnsbk for the birthday share . #dance #animation #waves #๐ŸŒŠ #wodchallenge

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Just like that . 34 years old . thanks to @robert_kelley for the great photos.

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Throwback pic with @mrblairedwards . #dancephotographer

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Award for best pants in a popping video goes to @jonboogz and myself hahaha . ๐ŸŽถ by @tuxedo #doit

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