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'İndi hami yimey yiyir😂😂 nuş😃🌼
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ɯҽɾႦυɳɠ | guten morgen ihr lieben 🙋🏼‍♀️ koffer ist gepackt und auf gehts für uns nach augsburg 🤗
heute abend wird gefeiert 🎉ab geht’s ins kesselhaus 🙋🏼‍♀️ untergebracht sind wir im @hotel.drei.mohren.augsburg 😍
wie gestaltet ihr euren tag?
ich wünsche euch allen einen guten start ins wochenende 🤗
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@ab_bowen in our crest zip-up 🔥🔥

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I always wanted to know what
cursing felt like,
is it pain verbalised or
a vengeance to the culprit
infusing- poison
wobbling algea on its
so, i started with cursing the
rock which once hit my toe,
with **u*k.
believe me, it wasn’t easy.
it didn’t subside the pain,
but vengeance was hanging
loose on my neck.
so, i wore it around and
tried to describe -curse-
as aristotle, defined pleasure-
and when the next time,
i opened my mouth
wide, for the pain ,
as scarlet as my
sephora shadow when -william wallace -dies,
this time, curse wasn’t a feeling
but a sophomore, who learnt
to present itself in the classroom
through proxies.
cursing was comfortable now.
with every *#%$ , $#%?, €£$%%
my words were lost in the woods,
hiding in the bushes, afraid of
i was lying under a false ceiling,
which spoke of battles, scavengers
and wars.
i was weak, vengeance was
honey was infested
and so my blood.
curse, backstabbed pain.
leaving it bleeding
without any sling.
.art by : amazing oliver hibert .

#pain #science #poetry #poems #colors #life #writer #writersofinstagram #spokenword #love #me
#woman #curse #feminism #feminist #nyc #poetsofinstagram #red #fire #langleav #body #anger #instagram #friyay #friday #spiceitup #ootd #amazing #art #photography

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Hello, world! today’s #weeklyfluff is an inseparable pair of french bulldogs, theo and cato (@theobonaparte ). whether they’re napping, playing or just hanging out on a cold winter day, chances are that they’re doing it together, bundled up in the same blanket.
photo by @theobonaparte

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British comedian michael dapaah (@michaeldapaah_ ) is serious when it comes to dressing up for the 2019 brit awards. “i’m pretty much in tracksuits every day, but i do love to put on a suit every now and again,” he says.
as the fictional rapper big shaq, michael has made fans all over the world, and he plans to take full advantage of his star power. “i’m going to every party i’m on the guest list for,” he says.
today on our story, michael goes to the #brits and takes us along for the ride. 😎

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To create a striking image, sometimes you just have to dress the part. artist carolyn mara (@carolyn_mara ) brought her imagination to life without any help from photo editing software. the result? a unique photo with a hashtag to match: #whpmyvisualrepresentation. #whpuptome photo by @carolyn_mara

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Happiness attracts everything, even butterflies. kaya, a swiss shepherd from new zealand, learned that in the most adorable way. “it just shows the pure innocence and happiness she shows to me on a daily basis,” writes kaya’s human ashleigh (@kayatheshepherd ) in her caption. ashleigh chose the natural hashtag for this moment: #whphappiness. #whpuptome photo by @kayatheshepherd

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What do four hours look like? sydney-based jay daley (@j.a.y_daley ) ventured to mount kosciuszko to find out. he captured this star trail around the south celestial pole by taking 280 minute-long exposures of the night sky. “it really gives me the feeling of #whplongnights,” he says. #whpuptome photo by @j.a.y_daley

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To honor the black community on instagram and celebrate #blackhistorymonth, we’re sharing another story in our series #shareblackstories. this month and beyond, follow along and share your unique perspective using the hashtag.
for brehanna daniels (@brehannadaniels ), black history month is about celebrating groundbreaking accomplishments. “it’s amazing to see people that look like me accomplish and break barriers,” says the 24-year-old. brehanna is breaking barriers herself, as the first black woman to be a part of a pit crew in a nascar series race. “once i found that out, i realized it was much bigger than me,” she says.
in 2016, brehanna graduated from norfolk state university, a historically black college, on a full basketball scholarship. the lifelong athlete then joined nascar’s drive for diversity program, but she admits that before that she didn’t see a lot of people in the racing league who looked like her. brehanna now hopes to be an inspiration for other black women out there who might feel the same way. “why not be that change? hopefully, people will see me and more faces like mine will want to join,” she says.
check out our igtv channel now to learn more about brehanna’s story in a short #shareblackstories film. ✨

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If it were up to ola ogunlolu (@therookiehooker ), he’d spend all his time “making pretty things out of yarn.” that’s why his hashtag, #whpwhatyoulove, shows him surrounded by his crocheted creations in full bloom. 🌻 🏵 🌼 #whpuptome
photo by @therookiehooker

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Cue the “free bird” guitar solo. max jabs and nono konopka (@bikingborders ) are two intrepid adventurers biking from berlin to beijing to help raise money for schools. their hashtag is #whpfreedom, something they’ve fully embraced on the road. 🚲 🚲 #whpuptome photo by @bikingborders

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Reach for the star suit, and one day it could be you walking on the moon. 🌕 photographer danielle awwad (@littlefarmphotography ) was inspired to make her hashtag, #whponeday, after seeing her son coming into close contact with his potential future.
follow along as we share more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpuptome.
photo by @littlefarmphotography

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Sport has inspired me in my life, and it inspires people all around the world,” says tennis star novak djokovic (@djokernole ), who is currently ranked number one in the world for men’s singles. 🎾 “it is a force for incredible good and can transform people’s lives for the better.”
at the 2019 laureus world sports awards (@laureussport ) in monaco, novak took home the award for sportsman of the year. “i always love coming to the laureus world sports awards,” he says. “it’s a chance to catch up with great friends and sporting legends!” #laureus19

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Hair and makeup tests. model castings. final fittings and alterations. all at the same time. that’s #nyfw for fashion designer christian cowan (@christiancowan ). “it kind of feels weirdly under control, which scares me maybe even more,” christian said two days before his fashion show. “i feel like there should be some huge issue we’re dealing with.” (better to save the drama for the runway.)
for his latest collection, christian was inspired by the excess of modern culture. he used watches, crystals and lots of neon to poke fun at the concept that more is more.
christian is also proud of having a diverse runway that includes plus-size models and trans models. “i never grew up wanting to dress just one type of woman. that wasn’t the dream,” he says. “i want to dress all kinds of women.”
today on our igtv channel, the young designer invites us into his studio and backstage at his show.

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