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This is a sad truth i want to share about child hunger in the united states.... the national school lunch program (nslp) is the nation's second largest food and nutrition assistance program.
in 2016, it operated in over 100,000 public and nonprofit private schools (grades pk-12) and residential child care institutions.

during the same year, school cafeterias served over 5 billion lunches, with nearly three-quarters of the lunches free or at a reduced price - that is about 30.4 million children a day.
i'm so proud to be affiliated with a company that contributes to ending hunger in america.
over 2 million meals feeding america since june 2018 and donating daily to nourish one.

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Happiness does not come from circumstances. does. not. come. good “happy” things come and go.... our joy comes from within.

we woke up this morning to cooler weather for the second day in a row. you never know about texas weather. it can change quickly just like life situations can change too. our paths can take a sudden turn with new challenges that can lead to opportunities and blessings. the journey can be scary and also exciting. don't let fear keep you from taking the steps needed towards living life healthy and happy.

if you’re waiting for a day when everything comes together, and life is perfect, and you’re magically happy, have the the perfect circumstances... i have news: it’s not happening. life is life. 🍁enjoy today. embrace the little things each day brings. keep your joy. be grateful for what you’ve been given today- not just all the things you’re hoping for, some day down the road....live today with gratitude. .
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Striving for progress and not perfection is what i’m embracing daily growing a business. striving for perfection will hinder progress. keep moving forward, one step at a time and enjoying the journey along the way with intention. .

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This is my monday motivation to keep moving forward. these story drive me everyday. my pf efje schmidt shares hers to help others too :
🌟 do you know that alot of people made fun of me when i started my network business?
🌟 do you know that many people told me no or ignored me?
🌟 do you know that people said yes and then quit?
🌟do you know that some family didn't buy from me or support me? 💛 i needed these gut health products.
💛 we needed the income opportunity for our family.
💛 i had obstacles but i didn't let them stop me. 💛i kept sharing, kept messaging, kept caring, kept posting, kept following up, kept helping others even when i felt like being lazy. 🌟within months of working consistently i was making 4 figures monthly. 🌟within 15 months i was making 5 figures monthly
🌟we became debt free within 2 years.
🌟my husband chose to quit his job to do work that he loves. 🌟we get to travel the world with our children.
🌟 i get to chose organic everytime 🌟we have more energy
🌟we feel better, we are healthier. 🌟we have time freedom.
happy monday my friends! ♥️ i care about you. that's why i share.
because i know there's more families out there like ours. looking for something like this ♥️
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💥💥did you know???💥💥
i share because i really care! that is my motivation!
the active ingredient in your antiperspirant is not only toxic, but accumulates in the kidneys, brain, lungs, liver and thyroid where it competes with calcium.
did you also know...
alpha lipoic acid helps to safely remove that and other heavy metals from the body.🙌👊❤️
(...and a few other pretty cool things):
•reduces oxidative stress in the body via powerful antioxidant activity
•improves several components of the metabolic syndrome - a combination of risk factors that increases one's risk for ones dependency on insulin
•reduces blood pressure
•reduces insulin resistance
•improves the lipid profile
•reduces weight
•increases insulin sensitivity
•improves insulin tingling and pricks •protects against cataract formation
•improves visual function •helps prevents retinal cell death when combined with vitamin e in retinitis pigmentosa
•reduces brain damage after a clot in the brain
•prevents bone loss, possibly through an anti-inflammatory effect
•reduces frequency and intensity of a knife in the head, pounders •improves skin texture
•helps reduce inflammatory reactions

did you know...plexus slim contains alpha lipoic acid! .
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How many moments in your day are spent in gratitude? how many moments in your day should be spent in gratitude?
my goal is to improve every day making myself better than the day before. every task, every process, i am to improve and get better. i have learned that joy comes from getting better and moving forward, learning, growing and paying love and service forward everyday.
the improvements for my life are already in me, i just have to realize them. god has equipped me, given me all that i need. he just helps me realize what he already supplied me with. i am the way god made me. if i use these skills and work toward him, more will be accomplished, success in this life will be realized and recognized. we only need to be great in god’s eyes. it does not matter how the world sees us. as a recovering people pleaser that can be a challenge. people judge unfairly on what they don’t even know about. i know sharing preventative health knowledge is an act of love and service as we are called to help others. i truly believe that and am grateful everyday for this opportunity.

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Be the solution instead of feeding the problem. you know how the saying goes, “be a fountain, not a drain.” negativity is a real drain on my brain. i chose to work towards solutions any day towards positive outcomes. it’s a choice.
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If you drink 30 redbull in a month 😬, you’re spending over $115 a month on energy drinks. if you drink 30 grande starbucks drinks a month, you’re spending over $150 a month on coffee. now consider the chemicals, sugar addiction, preservatives, and crazy amounts of calories and the dreaded crash! ***or*** you could spend a lot less than that on 30 days of slim and regulate your blood sugar, feed your healthy gut bacteria, kick your sugar/coffee/soda addiction and get natural body-made energy from a plant-based natural gluten-free delicious drink mix! and...bonus: i have a $20 coupon code for you (& you'll get wholesale pricing for a year)! it expires today at 8 pm cst though, so... ........
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Something to think about.
i’m intentionally looking at how my time is spent to get the most out of each day. words have power so choosing them wisely with kindness and first impressions; someone is always watching. .

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I never thought i would be so interested in research and development. preventative health is necessary and i wanted to learn more. it’s important to me to know why my favorite supplements work and the benefits of their proprietary ingredients. i did my research and have to share what i’ve learned with others. one brave decision didn't just change my health but my life. it has also changed the lives of many others forever! freedom can be a lot of things. time freedom, financial freedom, freedom of opinions and freedom to chase big dreams. freedom to be who god created me to be and teach my kids, grandkids and others the same. it's okay to try new scary things because her i am showing by example it can be done. we can change the world together one by one💪. thanks plexus, you are way more than just products and paychecks, you changed our life and you’re not done changing thousands more! leading the way as best of the best. leaving my legacy. .
#reserachanddevelopment #provenclinicalstudies
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Maybe we should stop asking why healthy food is so expensive and start asking why processed food is so dang cheap. health is wealth. 💡🍏🍒🌽🥑🍇💡
people tell me all the time a million excuses and don’t make their health a priority. "ok, this needs to be said! even if you are eating 100% organic, whole 30, paleo, vegan or keto, wraps. even if you are drinking what you think are "healthy" shakes, exercising 5 days a week and are fit and skinny as a fiddle. even if you use all the essential oils available. even if you ferment your own 'kraut and kombucha, make kefir out of raw milk and eat yogurt everyday. yes, even then, you need a probiotic (with an antifungal). even then you need to be concerned about balancing your blood sugar. you gotta k**l that candida with special enzymes and an antifungal. you gotta keep that blood sugar from the vicious spiking cycle. i promise this is something every single one of us needs to address every single day. our bodies are designed to feel amazing.. if you don't feel amazing every day, then this is most likely why! {my body balancing} products address this 🙂" — naturopath, jessica hoogendoorn

doctors are bringing to light all disease starts in our guts. it is so important to weed, seed, feed and protect it. my favorite supplements were formulated to do just that with clinical studies.
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The teal pumpkin says you are aware of the food issues some kids face and are willing to make accommodations to help meet their needs. we have two grandkids whose gluten issue is not immediately life-threatening in the way that peanut or other food allergies can be and are and very serious and life threatening to them. having to think about what they can and cannot eat has given me empathy and appreciation for parents who have to be vigilant about what foods their kids have to avoid.

when you find out your kid has a dietary limitation, your world shifts a lot. simple stops to grab some fast food on a road trip are no longer simple. snacks provided at kid activities become hit-or-miss. mostly s miss. even the simplest activities require advance planning.
we were a bit blindsided the first time halloween candy — became problematic due to most of it is made in a facility that has nut cross contamination. and at the end of each trick-or-treating excursion, we’d w**d through candy and trade out pieces that my grandkids couldn’t have for alternatives. some small toys, balls, bubbles, glow sticks, would replace the candy. it’s much easier to not have to worry about cross contamination and have tears because candy is being tossed.
no kid likes to feel different.
for us, the research and sorting were merely an inconvenience. for a kid with a peanut allergy, however, a payday bar that breaks open in a trick-or-treat bag can mean an emergency room visit — or fatal. trick-or-treating for candy is truly dangerous for some kids. join us and have so other treat options. kids don’t need all that sugar anyway.
non-food treats allow kids who are on special diets to feel included in the tradition of dressing up and participating in halloween. the teal pumpkin makes a statement that you are aware of the issues these kids face and are willing to make accommodations to help meet their needs. teach your kids to join in the fun too. .
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