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I look forward to fresh peaches every summer. we used to buy a bushel to share when we took the girls to camp in the hill country. we would stop at our favourite mom and pop fruit stand with their family orchard behind it. the grandmother was churning homemade peach ice cream we could not pass up. what a treat🍑 these entrepreneurs worked all aspects of their business. it was a family affair with three generations working together.
entrepreneurs supporting each other.
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The cute boots and dancing got me!
it’s all in the way we chose to look at things and situations. you see four years ago when i was approached by my daughter to join a health and wellness company with her i had the list of excuses, but said yes with a full time job to support her. fast forward, that yes laid a foundation before me for my own business which is now our livelihood. i didn’t know then i would be reorganized out of a job i excelled and lived. i chose to dance in the rain and go for it scared. earn as you learn. today my blood work is now great, body restored gut health, more energy, better rest and several personal healthy benefits. i have found my new passion and purpose. it is meant to be.
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We had a little scare this weekend when the fawn was spooked and ran in the woods behind our house, away from it’s momma. it’s was hiding well in the forest between our house and the creek. you see this deer is not ordinary. she is a rescue rehab. when released to the wild, she chose to stick around. she is in her habitat as a wild animal and we see her often. today i saw the fawn and her momma are reunited. our neighborhood really watches out for their safety. one of the perks for being surrounded by woods is we have deer in our yard daily. now to keep predators away and keep the baby close to its mom. she’s hiding it well.
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You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. take the first step and then one at a time. you will eventually reach the top!
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Have you been secretly stalking the new products? mmmmm - i share what i love and that has helped me, my friends and family. non toxic good stuff! soooo.....
wondering if the new slim could help your portion control, snacking urges and low energy? or maybe you've been wondering if you could be comfortable going makeup free by using joyōme?
well now is the time to stop wondering and give it a try! i am offering the first 3 people that decide to try either of these out $20 cash back!
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Achieve what you believe!

what’s keeping you from reaching your full potential? is it your mindset? are your thoughts spiraling around past defeats or disappointments? do you compare yourself to others? do you wonder if you’re going fast enough, leading effectively enough? are you growing at the pace you desire? do you desire to be more?

are your thoughts pulling you down … or holding you up? consider this idea: thoughts are things!
i remember the first time i read this famous quote, ”whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. thoughts are things!” wow! really? this got my attention so i decided to post the phrase in my office as an affirmation. my version reads: “whatever my mind can conceive and believe, i can achieve. “
through the daily practice of personal development, i learned to become aware of my thoughts and beliefs, and how they were impacting and creating my life. i learned that what i think about, i bring about … and what i think about all the time creates my reality.
in one of marianne williamson books she shares her belief that, “our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. it is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. we ask ourselves, ‘who am i to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ actually, who are you not to be?when it comes to your evolving yourself, do you have limiting beliefs around your self-esteem, your self-worth, or your self-deserve?
those types of thoughts don’t serve you in any way. you owe it to yourself to commit to 15-30 minutes every day to get ineffective thinking out of your way and practice positive mindset. speak and think the desires of your heart.
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A fathers day fiesta for these great dads!
he never looks for praises.
he's never one to boast.
he just goes on quietly working
for those he loves the most.
his dreams are seldom spoken.
his wants are very few,
and most of the time his worries
will go unspoken, too.
he's there...a firm foundation
through all our storms of life,
a sturdy hand to hold onto
in times of stress and strife.
a true friend we can turn to
when times are good or bad.
one of our greatest blessings,
the man that we call dad.

happy father’s day! thank you for being an amazing fathers to you children ! we are grateful for you & all you do !!! ❤️ #celebratedads #daddysdayweekend

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Happy fathers day. raise up a child the way they should go and they will not depart from it.
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What do you get your dad for father’s day. don’t most men buy what they want when they want it? i’d love to hear your creative ideas. to all the dad’s out there, you are appreciated big!
thank you for all you do every single day. happy fathers day!
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I love flowers, various kinds and colors. they make me happy as the blooms open up showing their beauty that was once hidden in the bud.🌸🌼🌷 🌸🌼🌷🌺 🌺i’m learning more about the benefits that are in my plant based supplements and amazed how they help our health from the inside out and our skin from the outside in. i feel healthier and happier on the inside which reflects outwardly. i can’t help but share what works. lucky for you i happened to grab 10 samples of the new holistic skincare i can’t stop talking about! i’ll get to swing by the post office today and send you some! i may pick up some flowers too. dm me 💌✌🏻 first come first serve.
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I had no idea when i said yes four years ago to an opportunity it would be what is making our dreams a reality with focus, intention and setting daily goals. sometimes you have to say yes, do it scared, and earn as you learn. i’m just beginning and would like to show you how you can make your dreams a reality too.


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This is crazy but i'm not at all surprised! i am loving mine!!!😍 the 8 week joyome clinical trials are out! 👀
this is not a survey.
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