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Cutting a small test batch of very small boots. check out the pieces projected onto the cutting table. #leathercutting #cnc

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We have a very powerful new machine at the shop. this cutter is equipped with 5 tools - oscillating knife, 2 hole punches, a pen and a stab. patterns are projected onto the material. very happy to say goodbye to hand cutting. 🎉 thanks marco and dan for the install. @yinusainc

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Automated bartack sewing on 1” webbing.

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Programmable sewing machine just arrived. #robots #grasshopper

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I used to do all my last modeling by hand the old fashioned way, building them up with leather and sanding them down to re-shape into a new last design or size. doing it digitally is finally here for our little shop and it’s amazing. so much control over every nuance of the shape, heel height, fit etc. a single base last model can be turned into any size, shape, heel height. #cad

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#stitching a pair of shoes on the #landis 12k. photo by @rlphotovt

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More back room hat shop shots from @opheliehats in montreal.

December 2018 comment 5 star 93

Ophelie hats in montreal. this place is super cool. @opheliehats

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Ziggy filling in for jez today

December 2018 comment 2 star 36

Leather dopp kits make the perfect holiday gift. available through our website and in store @warnersupply #queencity

December 2018 comment 3 star 40

Mock up of a women’s zip up ankle boot. we’ll put a sole on it and use to fit test. the last just went through a bunch of reshaping including a new toe shape and conversion from a shoe last to a boot last. #shoemaking #bootmaking

December 2018 comment 3 star 64

We had a blast working on this project! custom baby boots. inspired by the #redwing875

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