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This guy is one with the hallenbeck

9 minutes ago comment 0 star 1

Custom key fobs. diggin’ the black on black.

5 days ago comment 2 star 38

Our programmable sewing machine sewing a box with x and finishing with a bartack (zigzag). the video is running at real time and slows down in the middle for your viewing pleasure.

2 weeks ago comment 5 star 35

Little batch o’ boots in progress.

2 weeks ago comment 0 star 44

Working on some new products for 2019. quick shape/size mock up of a weekender duffel. lots more to come soon.

3 weeks ago comment 3 star 72

Qcdg. head of security, aka the wezza

last month comment 5 star 84

We now have in house splitting! woohoo. 16” camoga band knife splitter.

last month comment 9 star 55

Testing out some watch band patters

April 2019 comment 12 star 80

Boot prototypes. quarters and counter lining ready to sew to the vamps. #shoemaking #bootmaking

April 2019 comment 1 star 43

Here’s a peek at the pattern engineering process using @caligola_cad software to create a messenger bag. nice work emma!
#bagdesign #patternmaking

March 2019 comment 3 star 29

This monster chews up tennis balls! 🎾🎾. qcdg is working on some interesting ideas utilizing the #grind. thanks for the tour @recycleballs.

March 2019 comment 2 star 46