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Here we gooooo! i got 2 agendas on my mind and less that 48 hours in #puertorico to accomplish them. do something that makes a difference for someone or a family and work on @puertorocksteady #musicfestival 2019. #supportpuertorico

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Shut out to all my @puertorocksteady has. please let me know what you are thinking when it comes to your return to puerto rock steady in 2019. our plan is to grow and continue to support the community of #puertorico . thank you to @champssports for being a partner in 2018. thank you to @redbull for also coming in to support and be present. @leafwell , i know a lot of people who are looking forward to seeing you again or finding out more about your wellness products. 😉. thank you @cuttingrecordsmusic @james_dewitt_yancey_foundation @wiplabs @joysco @jansyism @johngungierivera @islandcorps @evlworld @offthegridmissions @childofthisculture @bk97sq @djraw305 #puertorocksteady #musicfestival

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There’s a 50th bday party for one of our #puertorocksteady alumni coming up. please come out and show some love to @gago1968 . happy bday my bro.

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Not to get anyone too excited, but this is something that i’m looking into for #puertorocksteady 2019. stay tuned and let’s home that we get some love and welcomed arms. #puertorico #poolparty #beachparty #musicfestival please do not tag this location if you know where it is.

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No award that represents the work done within the community should be accepted without recognizing those people who support my efforts or are part of the efforts. thank you to each and every member of @rocksteadycrew1977 since day one to the present. thank you @redbull for all of the support, love and friendship. thank you to all of my #puertorocksteady family for supporting #puertorico .

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Shout out to @janjan1968 . the winner of the #puertorocksteady t-shirt contest!! thank you to everyone who participated. we appreciate all of you and we hope to see you next year’s puerto rock steady #musicfestival

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Thank you @headkrack and @bodegabrovas for your support of #puertorocksteady 🙌🏽

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Tag your friends for a chance to win a free t-shirt!
follow us on instagram and facebook, tag 3 friends on the post above, and you'll automatically be entered to win a free #puertorocksteady #musicfestival t-shirt! winner will be announced on july 13 (who said friday the 13th was unlucky?!). good luck!

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@kaoticblaze never disappoints. thank you for blessing #puertorocksteady with another amazing set. @rocksteadycrew1977 @champssports #puertorico #musicfestival 📷 by @cambiowashere

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A very moving and memorable moment at #puertorocksteady was the #puertorico premiere of @rockrubber45s . it ended up being one of the highlights of this years #musicfestival . thank you @koolboblove for sharing your story with us. #rockrubber45s @champssports 📷 by @cambiowashere

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