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Primitive Skateboarding Trent McClung’s Finish Line European Tour Vid 👇 https://primitiveskate.com/blogs/news/trent-mcclungs-finish-line-european-tour-video
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“i first met trent when he was 16 through heath brinkley and he was exactly how he is now: just a chill, cool huntington beach kid who was already an incredible skater. over the years, i watched him grow into a crazy talented skater so when i heard that there was an opportunity to get him on primitive, i knew it was a big opportunity for us both... because he is definitely the kind of standout character that deserved some more shine than he was getting. when we started primitive skate, we always dreamt of it becoming one of the most respected brands with one of the most respected teams in the industry, and i’m really excited to be a part of turning trent pro and adding another milestone on the road to making our primitive dream come true.” - @prod84 📸 @parriswalker_ #primitiveskate

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@trentmcclung’s “finish line” european tour video premiering tomorrow night at @blackhwood and coming soon online. 🎥 @alan_hannon #primitiveskate

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@marekzaprazny flip in flip out. 🎥 @nono4skt #primitiveskate

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Come and join us at 8pm this wednesday @blackhwood for the premier of @trentmcclung's finish line video part, filmed by @alan_hannon over two weeks this summer in switzerland, spain and germany #primitiveskate 📷 @parriswalker_ *21 and over

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X @grizzlygriptape collab available now. @nicktucker #primitiveskate

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@concretewaveshop ✨ 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 #shopprops #primitiveskate

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X @grizzlygriptape @_diegonajera deck, available now in shops and at primitiveskate.com. #primitiveskate

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@devine_calloway backside 180 nosegrind in harlem. #primitiveskate 📷 @crazyjamesofficial

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We celebrated @kineticskateboarding's 15th anniversary with the release of this collaboration deck. signed editions by @_diegonajera @devine_calloway @wacsonmass and @robertneal_ are available online at kineticskateboarding.com #primitiveskate

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#primitiveskate x @grizzlygriptape script logo dad hat, available in shops and online at primitiveskate.com.

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@robertneal_ locking in to a long island nose blunt #primitiveskate 📷 @crazyjamesofficial

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Caption this 🤔 #primitiveskate @_diegonajera

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