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#primitiveskate x @huyfongfoods collab available now at primitiveskate.com. πŸ“· @parriswalker_ #primitiveskate

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Shop and save all weekend at primitiveskate.com. #primitiveskate

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@carlosribeiro91 and @marekzaprazny taking advantage of one of the many perfect barci ledge spots, and testing @kevperez's lenses in the process πŸ™ˆ #primitiveskate

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Exploring the back alleys of spain in search of the ultimate marble spotty pippen with @trentmcclung @carlosribeiro91 and @marekzaprazny #primitiveskate πŸ“· @oliverbarton

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@marekzaprazny exploring some barcelona βœ¨πŸ“βœ¨and a roll through the suburbs with #primitiveskate filmer @kevperez

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@prod84 has the latest #primitiveskate ad in the july 2017 @thrashermag with a nollie cab flip in yucaipa, ca πŸ“· @oliverbarton check our ig story for the animated version of the sequence.

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Vision test series, available now in finer shops and online at primitiveskate.com. #primitiveskate

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Quick footed @_diegonajera ollies up a ledge to frontside flip over a trash can in barcelona, spain #primitiveskate πŸ“Έ@oliverbarton

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@bast1ensalabanzi's current setup: nick tucker 8.125 true form deck theeve 5.5” tiking raw trucks primitive skate truck bolts souljah grip primitive skate bearings dummy antwuan dixon 51mm wheels πŸ“· @oliverbarton #primitiveskate

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@carlosribeiro91 with that pinch on point. πŸŽ₯: @kevperez #primitiveskate

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Summer is upon us, be prepared with our new slides. available now at primitiveskate.com β˜€οΈ #primitiveskate

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@marekzaprazny cruises through a mid-line backside nose blunt at another barcelona dream spot #primitiveskate πŸ“Έ @oliverbarton

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Vision test series, available now in shops and online at primitiveskate.com. which color is your fav? #primitiveskate

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@wacsonmass and @prod84 back to back. πŸŽ₯: @spanishmiketv #primitiveskate

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@romliss with a few clips that didn't make it into his part. πŸŽ₯: @kevperez #primitiveskate

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@nicktucker's true form deck is available now in finer shops and online with free shipping and grip at primitiveskate.com. #primitiveskate

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@indexskateshop πŸ™ thanks for your support, you're this week's pick for #shopprops. 🐈 πŸ‘ 🌢 if your shop carries our products post a pic and use the hashtag #primitiveskate

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@trentmcclung serves up a 2 piece line in #barcelona πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ₯: @kevperez #primitiveskate

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@carlosribeiro91 "futbol" deck, available now in finer shops and online at primitiveskate.com. #primitiveskate

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