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👋🏽i began experimenting with fragrance materials in 2008. my first fragrance, french cuffs eau de parfum, was created in 2011. i’ve yet to visit france, but i admire the approach of french perfumers and desire to be an understudy of the acclaimed jce. i don’t wear my own creations unless i’m testing them. before becoming a fragrance designer, i was and still am an aficionado of well-developed and minimalistic compositions. my favorite fragrance notes are tiare flower, bergamot, neroli, damask rose, lemon, grapefruit and soft, woody base notes. —————————————
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#tbt to my first impromptu photo shoot as a #fragrance #designer! (circa 2012)
i look like a high schooler!😂

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Fragrance is never just “black and white.” enjoy the subtle nuances creative perfumery has to offer by supporting niche and indie brands. you’ll be glad you did.

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When i first began blending floral accords, i was quite hesitant because floral-based fragrances aren’t my favorite. over time, i’ve found that i actually really like tiare flower (gardenia) and neroli. what’s your favorite fragrance note?

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A good fragrance calls; an exceptional fragrance whispers.

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