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The white angel wings overlay seemed to be a popular overlay for this one! 😂 congratulations to the winners! great work all around! 🎈🎊🍾
🥇 sandra @sandramarinaro
🥈 jackie @jacks9696
🥉 richard @otogidemon_fx_arts
today’s image is for world turtle day 🐢

5 hours ago comment 24 star 157

Congratulations to our world diversity day challenge winners! 🌎❤️
🥇 richard @otogidemon_fx_arts
🥈 omari @donyouth (plotaverse)
🥉 bruce @plotabruce
today’s image is for world goth day! ⚫️😎

Yesterday comment 15 star 212

Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾 to our be a millionaire daily challenge winners! be sure to enter today’s contest for world diversity day 🌎
🥇 jackie @jacks9696
🥈 omari 🥉 alina @m.alina60

2 days ago comment 5 star 148

National learn how to swim day 🏊‍♂️ great job everyone!
🥇 sandra @sandramarinaro
🥈 jackie @jacks9696
🥉 pedro @motionclicks

2 days ago comment 30 star 186

International museum day challenge winners! notice the attention to detail for every finalist :)
🥇 sandra @sandramarinaro
🥈 richard @otogidemon_fx_arts
🥉 elisabeth’s dream @elisabethscreativearts
today’s new daily challenge image is for world diversity day! 😊

2 days ago comment 37 star 528

Stay motivated and pursue your dreams! some submissions had their own little spin on them with their personal dreams and ambitions! ✨
🥇 pedro @motionclicks
🥈 jackie @jacks9696
🥉 richard @otogidemon_fx_arts
our international museum day daily challenge image is now available to animate! 😱

5 days ago comment 28 star 214

Very creative and beautiful submissions for our loving a tree daily challenge! congratulations to the winners! 🎉🍾🎈
🥇 pedro @motionclicks
🥈 robert @sunbeamsbynature
🥉 sandra @sandramarinaro
today’s new overlay “on air” is now available in #plotafx

6 days ago comment 31 star 479

Talk about action! 😍 the dinosaur day submissions blew us away! congratulations to all of our winners! 🎉 🎈🍾
🥇 pedro @motionclicks
🥈 jackie @jacks9696
🥉 sandra @sandramarinaro
today’s new overlay “circus sign” is now available! 🤡

1 weeks ago comment 35 star 244

Yesterdays challenge image was beyond beautiful and so we’re the submissions! congratulations to all of our winners!
🥇 kim @ lunaroja (plotaverse)
🥈 jackie @ jacks9696
🥉 richard @ otogidemon_fx_arts
our dinosaur daily challenge image is now available to animate! 🦖

2 weeks ago comment 20 star 306

Happy mothers day to all of the super moms out there and congratulations to our mother day daily challenge winners!
🥇 jackie @ jacks9696
🥈 sandra @ sandramarinaro
🥉 kim @ lunaroja (plotaverse)

2 weeks ago comment 14 star 194

Here are our winners for world belly dance day! pendulum mode was a popular plotagraph tool for this one! 😃
🥇 alina @ m.alina60
🥈 jackie @ jacks9696
🥉 niraj @ n4niraj (plotaverse)

2 weeks ago comment 11 star 192

Congratulations to our fintastic friday: shark appreciation day winners! we hope this daily challenge brought awareness and appreciation to the shark community! 🦈
🥇 pedro @motionclicks
🥈 jackie @jacks9696
🥉 richard @otogidemon_fx_arts
our new overlay “neon heartbreak” is now available! 💔

2 weeks ago comment 31 star 242