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Accident on the sea to sky hwy, might as well check out the view and do your stretches. 😬🏔🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️#helichopperhasbeencalled🚁🚨 #thecommutehome #farawayjobsites #goodthingipeedbeforeileft

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The sheepish look of someone who’s peed her pants. 💦💦 mao mao would like to say thank you for all the good vibes and loves you sent her way. she’s not 100% maovelous yet but she’s better. i’ll take her back to see her fab mr burns/apu vet in a couple of weeks for a follow up check up. thank you everyone again. ♥️

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They invented a new ride... the tree elevator. excuse the spazzo laughing. 😬 #acerpalmatumosakazuki #osakazukijapanesemaple #350pluspounds #treedollyisbae

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So mao mao failed the audition for the p*e tapes (trump-tump 🥁). ok seriously, she can’t p*e she’s been trying and trying for a day & half. her u***e test was negative for crystals. she did have blood in her u***e however. she’s on antibiotics for 5 days and a special urinary care diet. if she still can’t p*e in 3 days, i’ll take her back in for the next series of tests; blood test, x-ray, etc. to check her kidneys, gallstones, or for cancer. i’m hoping soon she’ll be pissing big time like a drunkard in a back alley at 2am. ps. her vet looked like if mr burns was south asian and dyed his hair bright red/orange like howdy doody. it was hard to take him seriously but he was a good vet and mao mao liked him. 🤡

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We’re at the vet’s emerge. tell mao mao it’ll all be ok. 🙏🏽♥️

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I didn’t try sitting with them. 😾😾 #youcantsitwithus #zoominonthedisdain #meangirls

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I wanted to join them with whatever these ladies were doing. #chinatownisstillawesome

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Labour day special: plump prawns. #plumpandjuicy #nobbqsauceneeded #needsmayotho #sothicc #🍤 #🥐

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Ahhh sept 2nd, it’s still so worm out there. #notpunnyxingxing

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All things are schnacks. 🧟‍♀️ #thatsmythumb #schnacks #🍗 #👍🏽 #maomaomunching

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One my fave laneways in east van. all of these greatness in one laneway block. 🙌🏽 these residents are super ace. #walkingtomynailspa #laneways #campsisradicans #trumpetvine

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Some free shit: plastic pots. 18”d x 16”h (i think). thick kinda soft plastic. pick your colahs and get ‘em. take as much as you want. my neighbour’s son works at a recycling place and brought them home for him and his dad. i think he over estimated how much they needed. 💯😂

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