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@kherispoppin - Kheris Rogers🍫🍫🍫 | Almost there 😭 Can y’all do the splits? Yes or no 🤔

#flexininmycomplexion #kherisrogers #nike
Almost there 😭 can y’all do the splits? yes or no 🤔

#flexininmycomplexion #kherisrogers #nike
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@thechronicles_of_gabi_n_champ @stpatrickdrinksteaaa stop being a mean person and start having an act of goodness in your heart ps you don’t control any body except you i’m 9 and i don’t want you to be a bad person
@dabirthdaygirldrinksteaaa @thechronicles_of_gabi_n_champ it was a joke calm down 💀 always the little kids taking s**t serious
@laniya_rains Yes i can
@mamabear_czap12 @stpatrickdrinksteaaa seems like you have poor taste in comedy...... don’t come for my child.
internet t**g hiding behind a keyboard.

didn’t your parents ever teach you “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.” take your negativity somewhere else.
@dabirthdaygirldrinksteaaa @mamabear_czap12 girl shut up it was a whole joke 💀 ain’t no thuggish behind here 🚫🧢
@mamabear_czap12 @stpatrickdrinksteaaa i’m a grown woman so have some respect. again, your sense of humor isn’t funny. to come on someone’s page being rude because you think it’s funny and then coming after a 9 yr old.... does that make you feel good about yourself?
how about uplifting?
how about explaining versus attacking a 9 yr old?
don’t be a bully. take a bit of advice from my 9 year old and be a good person.
@dabirthdaygirldrinksteaaa @mamabear_czap12 i don’t need to explain myself to uu 💀 calm down and i’m not bullying anybody . tired of people using that word and don’t know what it means.
@mamabear_czap12 @stpatrickdrinksteaaa have a blessed day. i’m not going back and forth with a child. if there’s issues please have your parent contact me.
my child was simply stating don’t be so rude to other people. maybe you should take a lesson from her.
maybe you should learn the definition of a joke.. tired of this generation being rude and having no respect.
@dabirthdaygirldrinksteaaa @mamabear_czap12 you best believe you won’t be going back n forth w me cause if my mother get in contact with you it’s gonna be physical
@mamabear_czap12 @stpatrickdrinksteaaa thats cute. if she has any questions she can contact me.
have a blessed day.
@thatchickep @jipsywhite @fashionnova they are the only ones that don’t flood on her lol
@jipsywhite @thatchickep thank you so much, my poor baby is always walking around with high waters 🤦🏽‍♀️
@anitadurupink6 She is very cute. she almost got it though. but i can do the splits though. i am proud to call her my sis
@kira_sawicki Yes! all three(after years and years of dance 😂)
@dennisvissa_ Same as u :)