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@impractical_1 - Impractical_1 ™ | A perfect dress= dress with pockets 😂😂
Feeling lucky 
Art credits: @eloisemarseille
A perfect dress= dress with pockets 😂😂
feeling lucky
art credits: @eloisemarseille
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@zachgeorgess @yali_moski l**o i can’t stand it
@jade.sx2003 The shaved legs thing, whats the point i drawing her legs hair if you aint gonna fully draw her hair cos she deffo dont just shave the top half
@_microwaved_gerbil_ @_.caydee_west._ 😂😂 amen sister
@_microwaved_gerbil_ @kennyisadog the only reason you wear clothes is because you were raised that way. only reason you know how to talk is because you were raised that way. dont bash other people views
@_microwaved_gerbil_ @sofia._.amador ikr 😂 i know they're trying to push the whole body acceptance thing but now, this post cant be used by the majority of girls who do shave their mf legs
@annienguye.n @_.caydee_west._ ooh this conversation getting heated
@_.caydee_west._ @annienguye.n oooh girly you don’t know the half of it lmao😂
@kennyisadog @_microwaved_gerbil_ that's actually not true. what you're describing is culture.
@_microwaved_gerbil_ @kennyisadog but for a very long time women being submissive and men being dominant, and women trying their hardest to please the man was our culture. and just recently everyone is trying to change that. so its suprising to me that you find it suprising
@kennyisadog @_microwaved_gerbil_ but.... yeah... we are trying to change the culture.
@_microwaved_gerbil_ @kennyisadog but, some people dont want it to change- and like a girl with mega hairy legs is pretty nasty to see. unattractive, speaking as a guy, so its reasonable to assume youd get negative comments about it
@kennyisadog @_microwaved_gerbil_ it's literally a f*****g cartoon character. art should never receive harassment. if in art one can make decisions on how to portray themselves, the same should go for real life. you said "don't bash other people views" yet that's exactly what you did by agreeing with this comment.
@_microwaved_gerbil_ @kennyisadog well, caydee just stated her opinion, or her comment. in the comment section. i just butted in was all but, everything can and will be criticized
@kennyisadog @_microwaved_gerbil_ you just contradicted yourself.