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An iranian couple have been arrested after a video showing them getting engaged in a shopping mall in front of a cheering crowd in the city of arak went viral. police arrested the couple, who can be seen standing in a heart-shaped ring of flower petals, for offending islamic principles of public decency. they were later released on bail, according to the guardian. police officials told local media that the couple had been detained for “outraging public decency, which is an influence of the degenerate western culture” and had been taken into custody due to public demand. gender mixing is forbidden in iran and public displays of affection are severely restricted due to the country’s islamic laws. (📹: hassanvand / twitter)
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@jamesn54 @mrlinorth thank you for this message
@negarehm @ze.e.na this ain't the culture it's the islamic laws don't bs us islam says no contact with man and woman who are not married and they hold hand. this is all islam's fault stop defending it.
@negarehm Islam literally says no contact between man and woman who are not related. so stop saying it's not islam, it is. if someone wants to be muslim they should be able to but not forcing it on others. stop defending forcing a religion to look open minded. forcing any ideology is wrong.
@vanessavaldes8 I don't think it was the engagement but rather the fact they embraced each other publicly, which is very taboo in iran when the male is not a relative of the woman's. hopefully these laws change as the older generations die off.
@mf._mn Get ready iran to be invaded like iraq and have millions innocents killed and under displacement, by us, british and israel(behind the curtains). may allah be with you.
@rayyan_shajahan This thing has nothing to do with islam
@mzjnicolelove Sometimes i forget how blessed i am. wow
@arian.kojo These are extremist government laws, not traditional islamic ones.
@xfatin Nahh.. sorry to say but iran is just weird on so many levels. not even close to islam. their law, culture and what not doesn’t represent islam.
@mbenjel @guruistheguru1 this has nothing to do with islam laws
@junmyeonlovebot People can’t do s**t in iran
@irene_hz_ I feel so bad for them😭😭😭😭💞
@al1_jahangiri I'm a muslim and i would love to see iranians and iran and everyone who has any type of connection to iran to just f*****g disappear from the planet and move to some other planet where they can practice dumb b******t laws
@niloufaryd I live in iran.. this is just a "law", not an "islamic law".. it has nothing to do with islam.. so leave religious out of it..
@navya.g._ This is bs
@aknackfortheobvious @figtreemo hahaha! so f*****g glad i don’t live in a place that considers love and affection something obscene and criminal.