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Enjoying sunsets ❤. would you rather be here right now ?.
follow @beautifulplaces_inthe_world for more daily travel.
📸@jordi.koalitic .

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l o c a t i o n | 🇫🇮 juvaskyla finland
p h o t o | @joelrikhard
s e l e c t e d | @diokaminaris
f e a t u r e d t a g | #igworldclub #igworldclub_sunset #sunset
m a i l | igworldclub@gmail.com

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m e m b e r s | @igworldclub _thematic

f o l l o w s u s | @igworldclub / @igworldclub _sunset

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〰️ nel blu dipinto di blu 〰️ 🌈

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. artist 🌿: @withluke
in frame @seekingthenow .
please visit their gallery and show some @instagram love!
for features: tag us in your pics, mention us in your captions or use the tag #the_folknature to your best creative folk nature pics
follow us @the_folknature ....our facebook page too! (link in bio)
chosen by: ⇢ @kayakarl
happy📷snapping everyone!
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"willkommen bei mcdonald's, ihre bestellung bitte."
egal ob zur kaffeepause, zum mittagessen oder zum snack zwischendurch! jeder kennt ihn! ich darf euch meinen neuen kooperationspartner vorstellen. @mcdonaldsmuenchen und ich werden in zukunft öfter zusammenarbeiten und das aller coolste ist, dass schon diesen sonntag ein richtig großes gewinnspiel auf euch zukommt.
bleibt unbedingt dran!
was würdet ihr denn bei mcdonald's gewinnen wollen? habt ihr irgendwelche wünsche?🍔🍟
ich wünsche euch auf jeden fall noch einen schönen feiertag und schaut doch mal bei @mcdonaldsmuenchen vorbei!🤗
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Ready for your day to get a whole lot better? the one and only donté colley (@donte.colley ) is here with his emoji-filled dance videos. “the message behind my videos is ultimately, ‘i hope this can make you smile today,’” says the 22-year-old from toronto.
with that mission in mind, we’ve asked donté to help us kick off our brand-new weekly series #yougotthis, which promises to make your wednesday better — one 😂🙌😻💫 at a time. watch now on our story, then share it with a friend who might need some motivation.
video by @donte.colley

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“mixing in my doodle illustrations with a little more than average makeup is a creative outlet from my day-to-day life,” says wen neale (@sippystraw ), who works as a cook. “i took inspiration from my friend haku (@hakukaze ). only the blush and red liner is actual makeup. the white heart and dots were drawn from my drawing tablet, so most of the actual process was me hunched over my laptop drawing the hearts on my face.” ♡ ♡
photo illustration by @sippystraw

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“i’ve had moments of makeup inspiration that come in the middle of the night. if the urge is strong enough, i’ll paint it at 3 a.m.,” says 22-year-old makeup artist, filmmaker and musician kiko nafig (@kikopaint ). “i use my face as a canvas because it’s convenient, but the intent is to create something outside of my own self. it’s almost an attempt at an ‘anti-selfie.’”
photo by @kikopaint

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“i think selfies themselves are pretty boring, so i like to spice them up a bit,” says 14-year-old tamara burri (@tamaraburri_ ). “i express myself through my pictures and how i edit them. it’s really fun to play with makeup and create something with your face, even though you have to wash it off at the end of the day.” photo illustration by @tamaraburri_

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Happy #fathersday and... t-h-a-n-k 💙 y-o-u to all the dads out there. meet stanley (@father_like_sonent2404 ) and josiah, a father and son duo who have created videos (like this one) together at home since josiah, now 6, was 2 years old.
“to me, fatherhood means quality time, laughter and love,” says 27-year-old stanley. it is a bond that you create in your heart emotionally with your child.”
video by @father_like_sonent2404

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In this case, playing with this “food” is totally allowed. it’s a creation from og slimes (@slime_og ). 🍌🍦🍒 “making dessert slime has connected us with people through their food and culture, whether it be our “fresas con crema” slime inspired by the popular mexican dessert or “sticky rice and mango” inspired by traditional thai cuisine,” says christine ly, who runs og slimes with her sister donna and their friend danny.
today on our story, og slimes puts the cherry on top of a fake banana split, and then squishes it for our asmr delight.
photo by @slime_og

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Keep strutting into pride month like pabllo vittar (@pabllovittar ). 👠🌈🔥
“let’s empower ourselves to show the world who we are, raise the flag of our community and scream our rights from the top of our lungs,” says the 24-year-old brazilian superstar.
this june, we celebrate the lgbtq+ community by sharing stories of #untoldpride. “i try to inspire people who are still afraid to share who they are. don’t be afraid, we’re together,” pabllo says.
follow along as we shine a spotlight on people who are making a difference just by being themselves, and check out @lgbt_history to see even more stories of #untoldpride.
photo by @pabllovittar

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Without a camera trap, taking this photo would’ve been impossible. 🐾📸 “i could spend the rest of my life and never get close enough to the florida panther to make photographs with a wide-angle lens,” says conservation photographer carlton ward jr. (@carltonward ), who got this shot using a camera trap with an invisible tripwire. “a camera trap is essentially a studio waiting in the woods,” carlton says. “when an animal crosses the beam it takes its own picture.” like a selfie. 😻
today on our story, carlton shares more “impossible” shots from the florida wildlife corridor.
photo by @carltonward

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What do you see when you look at his nose? a heart, right? definitely a heart. 🖤 today’s #weeklyfluff is rorschach (@rorschachthedalmatian ), pronounced “roar-shack,” just like the swiss psychiatrist who brought us the inkblot test.
photo by @rorschachthedalmatian

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For the last 14 years, japanese potter abe haruya (@abe_haruya ) has handcarved porcelain ceramics. the only thing more mesmerizing than the honeycomb pattern itself is seeing abe create it, scrape by scrape.
today on our igtv, abe’s ceramics take shape.
video by @abe_haruya

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The only thing more mesmerizing than this honeycomb pattern is seeing japanese potter abe haruya (@abe_haruya ) create it, scrape by scrape.

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