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@chris_neely_aka_goat - Chritopher_Nolan_Neely6047 | Vulcan. Work in Progress.  Pencil outline. Classic depiction of god of fire/forge. #art #blacksmith #fire #forge #drawingsketch #draw 18
Vulcan. work in progress. pencil outline. classic depiction of god of fire/forge. #art #blacksmith #fire #forge #drawingsketch #draw 18"x30" #hammer #anvil #wip #mythology #pencilart
12 120 October 2018
@_rizzscorner That's so cool
@albertalsina89 Great feed!
@chris_neely_aka_goat @_rizzscorner it's a copy (so far) of a classic oil painting. it is the format that most embodies the ugly, dwarven, left-handed child that was cast out of olympus, by his mother, juno. what was cast away grew into a great blessing for human - kind, as well as the immortal beings. for me it has come to symbolize what a person can become despite apparent negative attributes, as determined by a given society. vulcan says, "i may be ugly, squat, and sinister-ly left-handed; but, i can through the power of my will take earth, air, and fire: then subjugate them; craft them into beautiful and functional treasure. a being that was once discarded, has produced tools, weapons, and jewelry which the beautiful people cannot live without."
@chris_neely_aka_goat @albertalsina89 thank you. i struggle to produce beauty. it is worthwhile and frustrating simultaneously. any artist knows.
@chris_neely_aka_goat @captin.insane.0 that is particularly appropriate, since the ugly, little fellow is left-handed. thanks.
@chris_neely_aka_goat Some people might cheapen my results by saying that i am little more than a copy-paste machine. my intention is to learn from the proportion laid out by another artist. then to paint what i see in the character and the mythology of the story.
@chris_neely_aka_goat Davinci's vitruvian man applies only to the average / ideal physique. many variations are obviously distributed throughout human beings. artists and scientists look for simple patterns that have complex and important variables. the mean average is important ; but the variation, in the extreme, warrant close study, like our dna.
@travelwithkarthik Awesome.. keep slaying the way only you can do!!! ✌🏼
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