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주말알바 그마안,, (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

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Ku titip rindu kepada langit, yang sedang kau tatap. #lfl #fff #instagram #instagood #instame

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Sri lanka😍tag who you’d take here!✨✨✨
📷: @destination_srilanka @dotzsoh
use #outstanding_destination for a chance to be featured❤️

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It’s time to get out of winter sleep and freshen up for the spring! who’s with me?

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I love you in your brightest days, but i will love you even more in your darkest nights because those are the times that you need to be more loved. i love you when you are whole, but i will love you even more when you feel you are broken or half empty. i will love you even more – even when you think you do not deserve it.
i love you even though you keep on pushing me away, making me feel unwanted. actually, you do not have to push me for i can freely do it. i can distance myself. however, please know that i will always watch over you because that is how i care. seeing you happy makes my heart happier.
i still love you when you told me that you do not want to be in a cycle where you keep on hurting someone's feelings. i will support your choices although i am so aware that they are meant to hurt me.

i love you enough to let you go and be the person you want to be, to figure out your dreams and your plans on your own – without any pressure from me or from anybody else, without anyone dictating what you must and must not do. take all the time you need, my love. just remember that i am here, loving you under no conditions. — @njaceron_0018 🌹

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