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⚠️ spoiler alert ⚠️

one of the most exciting moments for me so far. it's in my top 3, along with the first scene (princess zelda waking link (i was thrilled to hear her voice)), the king's scene aaand now this.

...and excuse me for my bad english 🤐... ⠀

👵🏻 impa: “the history of the royal family of hyrule is also the history of calamity ganon, a primal evil that has endured over the ages. this evil has been turned back time and time again, by a warrior wielding the soul of a hero, and a princess who carried the blood of the goddess. with the passage of time, each conflict with ganon faded into legend. so listen closely as i tell you of this “legend” that occurred 10,000 years ago. hyrule was then blossoming as a highly advanced civilization. even the most powerful monsters posed little threat to the denizens of the realm. the people thought it wise to utilize their technological prowess to ensure the safety of the land, should calamity ganon ever return. they constructed four mechanical wonders that came to be known as the divine beasts. they also built a legion of autonomous weapons called guardians. the divine beasts were piloted by four individuals of excepcional skill from across the land. and thus, the plan to neutralize ganon was forged. upon gabon’s inevitable return to hyrule, the princess and the hero fought alongside these four champions against this ancient evil. the guardians were tasked with protecting the hero as the divine beasts unleashed a furious attack upon their terrible foe. and when the hero wielding the sword that seals the darkness delivered his final blow... the princess used her sacred power to seal away calamity ganon.”⠀

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